Gig Workers

Definition: Gig workers, also known as independent contractors or freelancers, are individuals who work on a temporary, flexible basis, often for multiple clients or companies rather than being permanently employed by one organization.

They engage in short-term engagements, projects, or tasks, typically facilitated through online platforms or direct contracts.

Types of Gig Workers:

  1. Platform-Based Gig Workers: These workers obtain gigs through digital platforms such as Uber, TaskRabbit, or Upwork. They perform tasks ranging from driving, delivery, to creative or technical services, utilizing the platform as a matchmaking service between clients and workers.

  2. Freelancers: Freelancers are independent professionals who offer specialized services, like graphic design, writing, or consulting, directly to clients. They often build their client base through networking, referrals, and online portfolios.

  3. Temporary Workers: This category includes individuals hired on a short-term basis to fill specific roles or complete projects. They may work through staffing agencies or directly with companies needing temporary assistance due to workload fluctuations or project demands.

Importance of Gig Workers:

Gig workers play a crucial role in today's economy for several reasons:

Other Terms:

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