Asset Management Software

Provides visibility on utilization of Infrastructure (Seats, Hardware and Software), thereby reducing overall capital and operational costs.

application usage tracking

Asset Optimization Module

Maximise usage of your IT infrastructure

  • Measure utilization levels of chargeable software
  • Automated asset & inventory reports
  • Seat Utilization by period and teams
  • In-Focus Software Usage
  • End Point Actions through ProHance
  • Identify restricted software used within the organisation

Key Differentiators

Real Time Remote Work Distribution System


Workforce Scalability Feature

Seat Utilization

Robust Workforce Analytics Tool

License Tracking

Remote and Hybrid Employee Connectivity Software

Seat Capacity Planner

Easy to Deploy Workforce Management Software

In-Focus Software Usage

Multiple Operating System Solution

Desktop footprint and compliance

Multiple Operating System Solution

HW Audit & compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions-:

ProHance Asset Optimization module works by analyzing your employee assets through a real-time computer usage tracker. The software analyzes system resource usage and software performance on the system. This allows you to understand and optimize your IT resources as per the needs of individual team members.

This module optimizes both hardware and software, including employee desktops and laptops. It supports Mac, Windows and Linux Operating systems, and can be used for improving application usage tracking as well. The ProHance Asset Optimisation Module can cater to the diverse needs of both small agile teams and large enterprises.

The module optimizes your IT assets through a computer usage tracker that analyses system performance in real time. It identifies both under-utilised and over-utilized assets and gives actionable insights for efficient employee asset management.

With our Asset Optimisation Module you can,

  • Improve IT resource allocation
  • Prevent unauthorised software through a computer usage tracker
  • Manage paid software subscriptions and optimise its usage
  • Keep track of your company’s hardware assets
  • Install security and performance updates remotely

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Getting started is easy. Simply integrate the module into your system, configure settings based on your business needs, and let it automatically optimize employee assets. It's a seamless and customizable solution for all your IT asset management needs.

The Asset Optimization module offers customized real-time reports on employee computer and software usage. You can view active utilization at team-level, individual-level and location-specific. Software reports on unauthorized softwares and licensed software usage are also available, along with reports on computer health like Memory usage, CPU utilization, computer health etc.

Security of business data and analytics is always our top-priority. The ProHance Asset Optimisation Module is a highly secure and capable service that ensures enterprise level encryption while monitoring your IT and digital assets.

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