Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Integrate business metrics into ProHance and draw insights to improve business performance

employee productivity tracker module

Work Output Module

Compare key business metrics against time metrics

Integrate business metrics into ProHance and draw insights to improve business performance

  • Output comparison with multiple time dimensions
  • Inter-team and Inter-operator Comparison
  • Normalisation for different work types
  • Target Vs achievement
  • Seamless 3rd Party Integration
  • This module helps in segmentation analysis across dynamic attributes

Key Differentiators

Real Time Remote Work Distribution System

Output comparison by multiple time dimensions

Workforce Scalability Feature

Inter team and Inter operator Comparison

Robust Workforce Analytics Tool

Normalisation for different outputs

Remote and Hybrid Employee Connectivity Software

Target Vs achievement

Easy to Deploy Workforce Management Software

Multiple data input options

Multiple Operating System Solution


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Frequently Asked Questions-:

ProHance Work Output module leverages employee productivity tracking software to monitor and assess work output in real time. This solution ensures accurate measurement and analysis of tasks, offering insights into employee productivity across various work settings.

Yes, the ProHance Work Output module is designed to track and optimize remote workers' productivity. It utilizes workforce efficiency solutions, including employee productivity monitoring and measurement tools, ensuring seamless online tracking and optimization.

The ProHance Work Output module enhances employee productivity by providing real-time insights into tasks and performance. Utilizing workforce productivity management tools, can help in various work settings, fostering efficiency in both online and in-office scenarios.

Key features of our workforce productivity software include real-time performance measurement and employee productivity assessment tools. These features collectively provide comprehensive insights, making ProHance a powerful employee productivity tracker.

The Work Output module contributes to in-office productivity management by utilizing workforce efficiency solutions. It allows real-time tracking, performance assessment, and optimization, ensuring effective management of employee productivity within the office environment.

ProHance's Work Output Module offers diverse workplace productivity assessment reports. These include employee productivity tracking and performance analysis that provide valuable insights for effective decision-making.

Yes, the Work Output Module is customizable to meet the unique needs of organizations. ProHance offers flexibility to tailor the employee productivity tracker according to specific requirements, ensuring optimal alignment with organizational goals.

Employee performance is measured through a set of real-time employee productivity monitoring tools. These metrics provide accurate insights into individual and team performance.

The integration of the Work Output module takes less than a day in most cases. Just make sure that all the system resources are in place and we will ensure a quick setup and deployment.

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