FAQ’s for End User

ProHance is a self-performance improvement tool that will give you insights into your time utilization and work effectiveness. You will have access to your data to review and reflect on where you spent your time, how your time is being utilized and how it can be managed better to improve your work life balance.

No, ProHance respects data privacy and does not capture any sensitive information like passwords, biometrics, gender, financial information, medical records and history etc.

ProHance is a non-intrusive desktop tracking solution and has no impact on user’s work on his system.

ProHance reports on active application usage and does not collect keystrokes, form input, or anything nefarious. The records persisted for a user include the application process name, window title, start time of use, end time of use. ProHance does not record any data that is within an application window (content) such as text or form data except for the window title. ProHance does not capture screens or record or store any key-stroke data.

Yes, ProHance provides “Personal Mode” option to allow users to switch to this mode when they are involved in any personal activities on the system. While on this mode, no information of activity done on system will be captured. Please note that this feature is permission controlled and decision to activate this permission is provided by your organization.

By using the “Suspend mode” feature in ProHance, you can suspend ProHance for a pre desired duration and use your laptop/desktop at home for personal use while not at work. During this mode, no data is captured and it is equivalent to completely turning of ProHance on the system

Your data will be accessible to only you. In addition, based on permissions provided by your organization, your Team Managers may be provided access to your data.

No, ProHance is a complete non-intrusive application that doesn’t restrict access to any tool/website on your system. Prohance works in the background and does not take any action on the system.

Prohance captures the time spent on active window irrespective of the number of screens and applications you are on. Hence, details of applications in the background are not captured. Also, if you are using multiple screens or multiple systems at the same time, ProHance will only capture information of time on the window (active window which is in focus) and system on which you are actively working at that time.

No, you can always mark a leave in the timesheet tab within Prohance and options are available to include or exclude the leave/non-work days from reports and various calculations. In fact, if included, work done on leave days will increase your utilization metric in Prohance.

Prohance provides complete transparency to the user and you will be able to see all your own data, which will be similarly accessible to your manager, if your manager has been given access to it by your organization.

You can analyze the reasons for your under-utilization from the ProHance reports and dashboards and also setup discussions with your supervisor to increase your work allocation and responsibilities. You can also leverage the time available for training activities and upgrade your skills.

You can bring it to the notice of the supervisor or the designated ProHance point of contact and provide details of applications/URLs to be mapped as productive. Once done, this will update your historical data also accordingly.

Prohance starts automatically when you login to your system and captures activities on system without any user intervention. However, for the duration that you are logged into the system but not activity working on it, ProHance will prompt you to tag this time away from the system into pre-configured list of activates such as meetings, breaks, trainings, calls, etc.

No, Prohance starts capturing time automatically the moment you login into your system (Desktop / Laptop).

Yes, for data to be synced to the Prohance server it is advised that you connect through VPN. However, in case you are unable to connect to VPN, ProHance will work in offline mode and continue capturing the data and store locally on your system. This data will get synced to the server once you are connected to the VPN.

Prohance captures the screen title of the active window and application name (such as Word Excel, Outlook etc.) and the amount of time on that window. This needs to be classified once as Productive/Non-Productive/No impact etc. as per work requirement by ProHance administrator. This is typically done during the initial installation phase of ProHance and can be updated regularly as required.

Given below is a an example of classification for different applications and activities.

Categories On System Away from system
Productive MS suite, business applications, WebEx and other business-related activities defined as per project requirement Meetings, trainings, business calls
Non-Productive Personal browsing (YouTube etc.), online shopping, news etc Breaks
No Impact Untitled, Blank Page, Login, New Tab, Save as  

ProHance has the ability to capture the activity done within a VDI or VM etc. provided that ProHance client is installed on that environment. Based on the specific environment, ProHance team provides best practices to ensure that data is captured accurately on all work environments.

Business activities such as meetings & calls, done on phone while not working actively on your system get captured as an Activity Away From System (AAFS). When a user returns to his system after doing any such activity, he is shown a pop up to select one or more activities done by him during the time he was away from his system. ProHance can also sync with Outlook and read any scheduled meeting details during the time user was away from system.

Prohance starts capturing the data from the first login till the last log out. The in between time would be captured through AAFS pop up and categorized as break or meetings etc.

Classification of applications rating under productive/non-productive/no-impact is done by the designated Prohance administrator who takes inputs from various internal stakeholders and managers on deciding which application to be classified under which category.

Yes, all business-related web applications will be classified under Productive.

No, ProHance does not support installation on any mobile devices. ProHance can be installed only on desktops, laptops, VDIs etc. which run on Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems.

ProHance is usually installed on official work devices belonging to your organization. However, if personal devices are being used for official work, then your organization can decide whether ProHance will get installed on your personal systems or not.

ProHance captures time only on the active window on which work is being done and not anything running in the background. Therefore, time spent on YouTube/music app running in the background will not be captured

ProHance captures the data at any time you are logged into the system, irrespective of whether it falls within our outside defined shift timings. If required, there are reports are available which can show amount of work done within and outside the defined shift timings.

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