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Enabling leaders to make SMART decisions in managing a distributed workforce skilfully using data and analytics

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Ensure Operational Resiliency & Seamless Delivery

ProHance helps you view your operations holistically and identify opportunities for collaboration & optimization across your Enterprise.

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Prohance Operations Management Analytics

Enabling Organizations to Get Future-Ready

ProHance allows organizations to build a future-fit workforce. Helping teams to be connected, visible, engaged and optimized.

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Prohance Employee Engagement Solution

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Real-time Employee Productivity insights

Real-time Productivity Insights

Real-time insights for informed business decisions

employee burnout and work distribution analytics

Work Distribution Analytics

Improve work-life balance by circumventing burnout and effective work distribution across resources

Auto captures employee time spent

Time Spend Measurement

Auto captures time spent creates an enterprise-wide objective and robust measurement system

Formulates effective operations management strategies

Operations Management Solution

Formulates effective strategies for capacity planning, people retention, and operations management

multi-operating system compatible employee management software

Multi-operating System Compatible

Multi environment (Citrix, VDI, etc) and multi-operating system (Windows, Linux, MAC etc) compatible

Provides employees engagement visibility

Employees Engagement Visibility

Provides visibility across multiple organizational levels allowing teams to work seamlessly while remaining location agnostic

Rapid Workforce deployment

Rapid Workforce Deployment

Rapid deployment (2-6 weeks) at scale (500 - 10,000 users) across a hybrid workforce

remote work distribution and allocation solution

Work Distribution and Allocation Solution

Qualifies remote work distribution and allocation — drives collaboration, efficiency, and transparency within organization

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Hybrid work model enablement

  • Real-time visibility into a complex, distributed workforce
  • Equitable Workload Distribution
  • Ability to set your work hours
  • Provide Flexibility with Accountability
  • Set goals and smart nudges
Hybrid work model enablement
Partner Ecosystem Management

Partner Ecosystem Management

  • Effectively manage contingent workforce
  • Better governance and tracking of outsourced operations
  • Benchmarking across locations and service providers
  • Billing accuracy for time and material contracts
  • Data-based decisions for awarding contracts

Cost of Delivery Optimization

  • Automated metrics for Efficiency and Utilization
  • Reduce inter-operator and inter-team variance
  • Role-model top decide behavior by understanding work patterns
  • Identify automation and reengineering opportunities
  • Application analysis to unlock the value of digital investments
Cost of Delivery Optimization
Distributed Process Management

Distributed Process Management

  • No-code platform to digitize processes
  • Automatic transaction distribution capability
  • Real-time dashboard for queue management
  • Ability to co-relate output with time metrics
  • Automatic measurement of handle time and cycle time

Asset Optimization

  • Visibility of assets through Geo-tagging
  • Paid software license utilization analytics
  • Proactive alerts on asset performance
  • Run scripts on end points
  • Automated asset inventory
Asset Optimization
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

  • Virtual badging across work setups including Hybrid, remote, and in-office
  • Accurate time and attendance
  • Reduce Payroll Leakage by optimizing overtime
  • Minimize attrition due to burnout or poor engagement
  • Build a culture of performance based on data

Industry Wise Use Case & Testimonials

RCM/ Healthcare

CTS continues to drive a culture of operational excellence as part of its long-term strategy around delivering world-class value and innovation. Insights provided by ProHance have helped us optimize the utilization and productivity of our teams across functions

AVP Business Transformation & Digital Business Operations

Prohance Workforce Analysis
A Fortune 500 IT Services provider was losing billable revenue due to sub-optimal employee productivity. Download
remote work distribution and allocation

Are your employees really doing productive work while at office? Are our employees overworked or underutilized? ProHance had the answers and delivered on the solutions.

Ananda Sanjeev, GM – Global Operations

RCM Healthcare Management Platform
Acusis, a leader in home based medical transcription/clinical was facing challenges in having authentic and factual data w.r.t. their employees’ compliance Download
VP and Head of Operations - Global Business Services

ProHance has helped solve a long standing problem we were facing. The best part was that it was easy to implement and we got access to incredible quality of analytics

VP and Head of Operations - Global Business Services

Prohance Networking
How ProHance helped increase productivity by 20% at a Top Telecommunications Company Download
General Manager-Lean Coach & Head of Lean Implementation

The ProHance team has been extremely supportive and proactive in enhancing their product to automate the entire process of data collection and analysis through their Advanced Analytics module for LEAN

General Manager, Lean Coach & Head of Lean Implementation

BPO/ BPM Work Flow Management System
ProHance worked closely with the client to deploy it's platform across Softsages centers. Download

We chose ProHance because it offered all the tools we needed for better workforce management under one platform, such as real timme data, dashboards and reports to derive inferences, enabling data capture for work from home users, dashboards for end user consumption enabled us to drive self-governance within teams at the same timme providing holistic view into our operations

Manufacturing Department Management Solution
How ProHance helped a leading Manufacturing Firm increase efficiency in their Finance & Supply chain processes by 21% Download

ProHance has helped us improve our operational acumen and decision-making process through their advanced reporting and insights capabilities. The team at ProHance is also very helpful and knowledgeable. They carry with them a wealth of industry experience and their recommendations have been very valuable in helping us through the implementation and post-implementation journey.

DVP and Site Head

Retail Industry Employee Productivity Solution
ProHance Helps Increase Productivity By 31% At A Leading American Retail Company. Download

Frequenty Asked Questions

ProHance is an enterprise-grade operations enablement & productivity analytics Platform that provides insights for smarter decisions in complex, distributed and hybrid workforce.

HR Analytics offers information on talent data to improve critical talent and business outcomes. Workforce analytics helps operations to streamline resource utilization, task allocation, time leakage and minimizing rework to improve productivity. The two systems complement each other but they are not the same.

ProHance analyzes time spent on applications, quantifies output, offers deep insights into work patterns, and provides a platform for work allocation. It is a smart workforce management solution for managers, and acts like a ‘Fitbit’ for employees. Employee productivity improves when they understand their own working patterns and plan their work days more effectively with the help of out-of-the-box reports available to them; while the managers focus on cutting back rework and identify opportunities and time leakage incidents.

With ProHance software, employees can access their own work time and make data-driven decisions to plan and prioritize tasks. Managers on the other hand can see the productive time being spent by day, week, or month. This data helps them identify and correct time leakage from non-core activities. They also have access to the workload summary by individual and by team. This information helps them identify potential burnout promptly but balancing the load between overworked and underutilized team members. When team members have a healthier work life balance, it contributes to improved employee productivity.

ProHance offers 200+ reports for the workforce doing desk-bound jobs with real time visibility into their key time metrics. These analytics offer real time visibility into data driven decisions, and an opportunity to balance the workload with amped productivity and efficiency. Organizations can also use ProHance to optimize overtime payouts by establishing a connection between overtime hours with productive hours - driving effective cost savings. Adherence to schedule is also a key benefit organizations can derive from ProHance, especially for processes that need associates working in specific shifts.

The insights from workforce analytics significantly help in workforce management. For example, most organizations use data from workforce analytics for forecasting and capacity management. ProHance provides the required workforce analytics in the form of actionable insights, and compliments work scheduling platforms for workforce management.

ProHance is a no-code product which is suitable for any business, small or enterprise-grade, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

ProHance has the capability to integrate with leading HR and project management systems to aid smoother reporting and analysis. Some of the notable systems where we have successfully integrated are Workday, SAP, Oracle, JIRA, Darwinbox, Rippling, etc.

ProHance, by design, meets global data privacy and security requirements. ProHance is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, along with being EU GDPR and HIPAA compliant. There are multiple gold standard privacy and security related features built within the system which can be customized as per the organization’s needs, including anonymized user names and urls, personal mode, and a robust password policy to name a few.

Worktime, the base module of ProHance gives a comprehensive range of submodules like the Activity Dashboard, Workload Analysis, Attendance, Timesheet, and Current Activity. Activity Dashboard gives visual representation of key time metrics like the time spent on and off the system, time spent on core activities, utilization percentage by team/user, etc. Workload analysis highlights overworked and underutilized employees based on the time they spend on core activities. Attendance submodule helps with schedule adherence and identifying time theft. The automated timesheet shows work patterns at a user level; and current activity shows a real time view of the workforce. There are other modules like Work Output, Advanced Analytics, Workflow and Asset Optimization which look at resolving specific business problems.

Depending on the availability of data, ProHance can be up and running in less than 2 weeks in your environment.

There is a wealth of resources available on our knowledge management systems which customers can access. The content ranges from byte sized videos to eLearning modules, articles, FAQs and more. Live training sessions are provided during the onboarding process, and on request thereafter. Our Customer Success and Technical Support teams are available for any ongoing support needs you may have during or after the onboarding.

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