ProHance is a global operations management platform that helps provide visibility in your operations on a real time basis.

ProHance is a global operations management platform that helps provide visibility in your operations on a real time basis.

ProHance helps you view your operations holistically and identify opportunities for collaboration & optimization across your Enterprise.

It helps you unlock the full potential of your Human Capital and Digital Investments by identifying how your teams spend time that impacts your customers and enterprise.

The visibility and actionable analytics ProHance provides helps operations become more Lean, Agile and Customer Centric.








Million Hours Saved



Considering the level of support, the ease of navigation and the overall effectiveness of this tool, I would not hesitate in recommending ProHance to any business whose aim is to improve the activity consciousness, efficiency, and productivity of their organization.

Sharon White

WFM Manager (UK Telecom Process) , Firstsource


ProHance as a workforce productivity solution is an exceptional tool that has delivered measurable data on employee performance. ProHance helped us achieve 11% increase in productivity with a 25% reduction in idle time.

Subramanya C

Executive Vice-President & Global Chief Technology Officer, HGS


With ProHance we were able to gain 1 hour of productivity per associate. This has resulted in better workload and staffing management.

Prasad Salian

Manager, WFM & MIS, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions


ProHance has been very effective to manage WFH employees as it allows supervisors a consolidated view of the utilization of all direct reports. The tool has helped us to avoid micro-management of employees.

Nachappa CS

Operations Manager – Special Projects, Dimension Data


Mindtree has already seen more than 25 – 40% efficiency improvement in projects and organizational processes. The ProHance team has been extremely supportive and proactive in enhancing its product to automate the entire process of data collection and analysis through their advanced analytics module for LEAN.

Umesh Krishnamurthy

GM – Lean Coach and Head of Implementation, Mindtree

Prohance Client testimonial

Our company leverages technology and individual productivity to increase overall productivity levels of our operations. Installing ProHance helped our teams become self-aware of where their time is spent, take corrective action and increase effort within stipulated work hours.
Further, we intend to use the variety of features available on ProHance for process engineering and further enhance our productivity levels.

Santosh Thangavelu

Head – HR

Prohance Clients Testimonials

Since we implemented ProHance, we have seen an increase in productivity by more than 20%. We have been able to very accurately identify where time is being spent, what areas need attention and how much bandwidth is available. As good as ProHance is as a tool, the team behind this is equally stellar. Their ability to read our data, derive insights and map it to best practices is commendable. This tool is a must have for any management to improve organization efficiency & productivity.

Bhaskar Kalale

Vice President, India Operations


Work Time

Provides comprehensive visibility on all time dimensions across locations, teams, users and applications. Optimize your operations with in-built automated Time Sheet and Attendance capture

Work Output

Provides a comprehensive view of business output delivered at an individual and team level. Help compare performance by leveraging reports like quadrant analysis, heat maps and scatter plots

Workflow Management

Customisable workflow management capability allows you to set up your business process in the platform. ProHance prioritize jobs basis key parameters, enables skill-based routing and captures the status of each task that helps manage work effectively in real time.

Advanced Analytics

Best in class modules for Lean transformation, Asset optimization and Partner Spend Management

Screen Recording

Provides screen capture on demand, basis a set of configurable rules. Multiple benefits around coaching, training, operations risk management, and process documentation.

Workforce Management

Provides multiple benefits like forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, and real-time management



Drive Operational efficiency and derive cost benefits of 15 - 30% in first year of deployment


Gain global visibility across processes, teams and locations


Build stronger and highly engaged teams


Drive effective strategies around capacity planning, people retention, and optimal hiring


Empower managers with real time insights to make crucial business decisions


Enable telecommuting and improve Work Life Balance