New-Age Operations Enablement & Analytics Platform

Work Time Tracking Module

Work Time Module

Provides actionable insights on work-related time metrics

Work time module provides the analytics and key insights for the organization to manage the new- age hybrid workforce

  • 80+ out of the box reports and a report builder
  • Activity Dashboard: Summary of work time metrics and provides options to drill down at various hierarchy levels
  • Workload Analysis: Provides complete work pattern analysis across teams, processes and locations
  • Attendance: Consolidated availability of hybrid workforce
  • Time Sheet: Automated time sheet and schedule adherence for individuals
  • Current Activity: Real time analytics to take informed decisions
Employee Productivity Tracking

Work Output Module

Compare key business metrics against time metrics

Integrate business metrics into ProHance and draw insights to improve business performance

  • Output comparison with multiple time dimensions
  • Inter-team and Inter-operator Comparison
  • Normalisation for different work types
  • Target Vs achievement
  • Seamless 3rd Party Integration
  • This module helps in segmentation analysis across dynamic attributes
Advanced Workforce Analytics

Advanced Analytics Module

Lean Management and Deep Analytics on Time Metrics

Multi-dimensional variation analysis and long- term trends for work time metrics

  • Benefit Realization Calculator along with ‘What-if’ scenarios
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Work Zone & Context Switching
  • Activity based variation
  • Top and Bottom users
  • Competency based analysis
Workforce Task Management Platform

Workflow Module

Comprehensive Work Management Platform

A robust workflow tool which can help improve prioritization, allocation, and real management of business-related tasks; and empowers enterprises to improve the resource allocation

  • Job Prioritization based on sensitivity, value, or any other key attribute
  • Real-time Task Tracking - Track the turnaround time and other metrics
  • Advanced Allocation Algorithms – Based on Capacity/Priority
  • Powerful reporting engine to notify individuals and managers on areas to focus on
  • Measure Service Level Adherence and Average Handling Time for business activities
  • Create quality parameters and measure the quality of the process
Workplace Asset Optimization

Asset Optimization Module

Maximise usage of your IT infrastructure

Provides visibility on utilization of Infrastructure (Seats, Hardware and Software), thereby reducing overall capital and operational costs.

  • Measure utilization levels of chargeable software
  • Automated asset & inventory reports
  • Seat Utilization by period and teams
  • In-Focus Software Usage
  • End Point Actions through ProHance
  • Identify restricted software used within the organisation
Employee Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording Module

Data protection module

Protect your organisation’s confidential information in the hybrid work environment

  • Feature to protect confidential data or create standard operating procedures
  • On Demand Screen Capture
  • Trigger based screenshots or videos
  • Flexibility to choose type of activities, user roles, and duration for capture
  • Detailed reporting from team level to hourly level for compliance audits
  • Provides useful inputs for coaching and training, operations risk management, and process documentation

Key Differentiators

Real Time Remote Work Distribution System

Real Time Intelligence

Workforce Scalability Feature


Robust Workforce Analytics Tool

Robust Analytics

Remote and Hybrid Employee Connectivity Software


Easy to Deploy Workforce Management Software

Easy to Deploy

Multiple Operating System Solution

Multiple Environment

User Friendly Employee Management Interface

User Friendly

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