Workflow Management Software

A robust workflow tool which can help improve prioritization, allocation, and real management of business-related tasks; and empowers enterprises to improve the resource allocation

task & workflow management module

Workflow Module

Comprehensive Work Management Platform

A robust workflow tool which can help improve prioritization, allocation, and real management of business-related tasks; and empowers enterprises to improve the resource allocation

  • Job Prioritization based on sensitivity, value, or any other key attribute
  • Real-time Task Tracking - Track the turnaround time and other metrics
  • Advanced Allocation Algorithms – Based on Capacity/Priority
  • Powerful reporting engine to notify individuals and managers on areas to focus on
  • Measure Service Level Adherence and Average Handling Time for business activities
  • Create quality parameters and measure the quality of the process

Key Differentiators

Real Time Remote Work Distribution System

Custom Job Forms

Workforce Scalability Feature

State Definitions

Robust Workforce Analytics Tool

Custom Attributes

Remote and Hybrid Employee Connectivity Software

Priority Score

Easy to Deploy Workforce Management Software

Job Allocation Engine

Multiple Operating System Solution

Team and Skill Groups

Multiple Operating System Solution

User Roles

Multiple Operating System Solution

In Built Quality Control

Multiple Operating System Solution


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Frequently Asked Questions-:

ProHance Workflow module is a comprehensive task management system, utilizing innovative algorithms to streamline your team task management. It ensures efficient job prioritization and allocation, facilitating seamless workflow management.

Absolutely! Our workflow software serves as a versatile job flow management solution. You can map activity time to jobs and perform real time task monitoring to understand team productivity. The ProHance project task management software enhances coordination, promotes transparency and ensures tasks are efficiently distributed and tracked in real-time.

Yes, the Workflow module is an ideal solution for automatic work allocation. Its advanced task monitoring features and customized reports enable automatic task prioritization and task distribution. Ensure a fair and optimized workflow management to boost productivity of your team members.

Key features of the ProHance Workflow module are automated work allocation, job flow management, and task tracking in real-time. Our workflow software also allows Intelligent Capacity Planning, Intelligent KPI tracking and Intelligent Quality Improvement by identifying recurring defects. Its user-friendly interface and ability to create customised dashboards also makes work allocation and task tracking a seamless experience.

The ProHance Workflow module is designed to cater to the needs of all work settings, including hybrid teams, providing an automated solution for seamless workflow management. Its real-time reporting makes it a great project task management software which is easy-to-use for supervisors. You can review the work status of both on-site and remote team members to ensure timely completion of tasks.

Our workflow management software facilitates job prioritization by allowing users to assign priority levels to tasks. This ensures that crucial tasks tracking can be addressed promptly, contributing to overall project efficiency. The task management system allows prioritization of tasks based on importance / urgency or process specific parameters.

The workflow software optimizes employee work time by efficient and automatic work allocation. It ensures real-time work distribution based on the available bandwidth of team members, minimizing idle time and enhancing overall productivity. This solution is beneficial for all businesses seeking an automatic and real-time task management system.

The Workflow module plays a pivotal role in reducing employee burnout in the workplace by preventing excessive workloads. Our advanced workflow management algorithms distribute tasks based on employee availability and expertise, thereby reducing stress and employee burnout and promoting employee well-being.

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