Employee Work Time Tracking Software

Work time module provides the analytics and key insights for the organization to manage the new- age hybrid workforce.

Employee Work Time Tracking

Work Time Module

Provides actionable insights on work-related time metrics

Work time module provides the analytics and key insights for the organization to manage the new- age hybrid workforce

  • 80+ out of the box reports and a report builder
  • Activity Dashboard: Summary of work time metrics and provides options to drill down at various hierarchy levels
  • Workload Analysis: Provides complete work pattern analysis across teams, processes and locations
  • Attendance: Consolidated availability of hybrid workforce
  • Time Sheet: Automated time sheet and schedule adherence for individuals
  • Current Activity: Real time analytics to take informed decisions

Key Differentiators

Real Time Remote Work Distribution System

Logged/Idle Hours

Workforce Scalability Feature

Time on & away from system

Easy to Deploy Workforce Management Software

Productive Time

Multiple Operating System Solution

Work Load

User Friendly Employee Management Interface

Goal Setting

User Friendly Employee Management Interface

Time Efficiency

User Friendly Employee Management Interface

Schedule Adherence

User Friendly Employee Management Interface

Report builder

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Frequently Asked Questions-:

ProHance Work Time module helps in automating employee time tracking at the workplace. Our advanced employee time tracking and management software allows you to analyze employee work patterns and make informed data-driven decisions regarding optimal workforce utilization. The online workday time tracking solution is designed to cater to various work scenarios, including remote and hybrid setups, ensuring accurate and automated tracking.

Yes, the ProHance Work Time module is ideal for remote project management with its advanced employee time tracking features. The online work time tracker ensures seamless visibility, providing real-time insights into remote employee work hours, tasks, and productivity.

ProHance prioritizes the confidentiality and security of information as we understand the importance of your work time management data. We adhere to data privacy and security standards like EU GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. The Work Time module utilizes robust security measures like 256-bit encryption and configurable HTTPS to safeguard data, making it a reliable and secure solution for enterprises and small businesses alike.

The Work Time module offers features like employee work time management and automated task tracking. Users can easily navigate the online interface to track employee work hours, tasks, and project timelines efficiently. 80+ customized reports help you in managing attendance, automated timesheets, and workload analysis in real-time.

Work Time module provides diverse reports on both individual and team level, including employee work time metrics like - Logged hours, Time on system, Time away from system, Idle hours, Productive hours, Top applications used etc. These customized reports offer insights into work patterns, helping businesses make informed decisions about time allocation and workforce management.

The Work Time module is a unified solution for analyzing employee work time regardless of their location. The Work Time module is designed to seamlessly integrate with hybrid teams. Its automated time tracking system allows employee oversight for managers handling a mix of in-office and remote team members.

The integration of the Work Time module takes less than two weeks in most cases. Just make sure that all the system resources are in place and we will ensure a quick setup and deployment. We also have a quick and efficient process for handling post deployment queries and training.

Yes, ProHance offers mobile applications, providing convenient access to real-time employee work time data.

The Work Time module is an important part of ProHance's employee productivity enhancement tools. By combining the data from employee time tracking and other modules such as Work Output, you can create a holistic strategy for ideal workforce utilization, task assignment, and boosting overall efficiency.

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