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ProHance is a great tool which has aided us in having better visibility of the activities and productivity of our agents. It has given us access to detailed information which can be reported as granularly as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

The information obtained from ProHance asassisted us in improving scheduling,reducing leakage and drive better productivity.

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Sharon White WFM Manager (UK Telecom Process)

ProHance has been instrumental in helping us manage about +12,000 of our employees across India, Philippines, China and U.S. With ProHance we can accurately track these employees’ time regardless of whether they are working on their workstation or away from their desks.

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N Muthuraman Sr. Director

Mindtree has embarked on a journey of achieving high performance culture & delivery excellence by implementing LEAN transformational practices.Since the start of this process last year,Mindtree has already seen more than 25%-40% efficiency improvement in projects and organizational processes.

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Umesh Krishnamurthy General Manager - Lean Coach & Head of Lean Implementation

ProHance as a workforce productivity solution is an exceptional tool that has delivered measurable data on employee performance. Some of the performance metrics that ProHance helped us achieve are north of 11% increase in productivity with a 25% reduction in idle time.

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Subramanya C Executive Vice-President & Global Chief Technology Officer

ProHance is an effective and user friendly application that helps to measure employee engagement during work. The tool provides insights into time spent on productive (core business) activities and helps managers minimize time spent on non-productive (non-core) activities.

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Murugesh Manager Operations

ProHance has been very effective to manage WFH employees as it allows supervisors a consolidated view of the utilization of all direct reportees. The tool has helped us to avoid micro-management of employees. The product has taken productivity enhancement to the next level by assisting supervisors to look for areas to improve.The supervisors can now focus on development areas rather than supervising to improve productivity.

Nachappa CS Operations Manager – Special Projects

In today’s BPO/KPO world, where offering an optimum work-life balance to our employees is as important as maximizing their productivity; effective utilization of work hours is paramount for a win-win situation. ProHance is a simple, friendly-to-use tool, which has helped Episource move towards this direction.

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Angshuman VP Operations

ProHance helped our operations leaders identify revenue (productive hours) leakage and the associated tasks thereby incorporating stringent measures towards betterment of the processes.

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Sriram Sridaran Manager, Client Relations GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

ProHance is an excellent tool to measure employee’s productivity. It provides detailed insight on time utilization with work load analysis highlighting the overworked and under-utilized hours. It has helped us improve our productivity considerably allowing the team managers to identify the key areas to focus and improve on.

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Divakar Kotian Asst. Manager, Workforce Management

This is the best productivity enhancing tool that I have ever come across. It has improved the utilization and productivity by 30% in last 6 months. It is very easy to use and implement. Post-sales support at ProHance is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone looking for a quality productivity enhancing tool within a reasonable budget.

Dhanyaraj Shetty WFM Manager

We were looking at a tool to help us understand the opportunities in improving our associate productivity in terms of time spent by them on processing or taking calls. Prohance was immensely helpful in achieving that along with drill downs,data dumps and customizable graphs and homepages.

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Mahesh Kumar Vice President - Operational Effectiveness

ProHance gave us real time analytics and visibility in the workforce. It helped the employees to focus on increasing their productive hours and reduce the idle time wasted in unproductive jobs.

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Gopipati DK, Country Manager, Philippines & Director Strategic Initiatives

Our company leverages technology and individual productivity to increase overall productivity levels of our operations. Installing ProHance helped our teams become self-aware of where their time is spent, take corrective action and increase effort within stipulated work hours.

Further, we intend to use the variety of features available on ProHance for process engineering and further enhance our productivity levels.

Santosh Thangavelu, Head – HR

ProHance gives us complete visibility into our work force workstation activities and helps operatio nmanagers draw meaningful reports for further optimization and capacity planning.The product is user-friendly,allowing our users and IT administrators to utilize it without muchtraining.

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Deviprakash Yadav, General Manager - Information Technology

When it comes to productivity measurement and improvement, ProHance stands out for its unmatched precision and ease of use. Our teams are now able to access meaningful, real-time information on resource time utilization that allow us to effectively implement improvement measures. With ProHance we have been able to eliminate redundant processes, manage time hygiene issues and above all improve employee productivity across multiple teams.

Rajkumar Pandey, Head-Operations

Are our employees really doing productive work while at office? Are our employees overworked or underutilized? ProHance had the answers and delivered on the solutions.

Ananda Sanjeev, General Manager – Global Operations

Net2Source believes in providing an environment to its employees which keeps them motivated and our partnership with ProHance resonates this value. ProHance has helped us bring about a culture of accountability without compromising on the work-life balance of our employees.

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Manish Goyal, Director

EI Design is driving multiple smart goals around operational excellence and few such goals are on productivity, variance on plan vs. actuals, efficiency in usage of productive applications, etc. In these goals, ProHance application is helping us to analyze the actual time spent on productive tasks and non-productive tasks and enabling our team to record accurate timesheet for our analysis. We are happy to continue this application and happy for ProHance team timely response in getting requiredanalytics.

Subramani K, Head of Operations

Advantum Health is a technology enabled Health care services organization.We have a large global workforce working on Revenue Cycle Management and CVO services for our customers.

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K Vijay Rajan, Country Head & CTO

It is almost a year now since we started using ProHance. Initially we opted to implement ProHance in our organization just for the break monitoring of the employees but after reviewing the features of ProHance,with tremendous positive results now, ProHance is one of the prime tools for ourorganization.

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Michael Jones, Operation Manager

ProHance has helped in Tesco Business Services transformation roadmap. The real-time insights and information generated by this tool are leveraged by multiple teams to make meaningful business decisions. Today, it is acting as a highly effective source of information to drive change and transformation across various functions. Based on our experience and the quick benefits which we have delivered, it’s a highly recommended platform to adopt and practice.

Altaf Patel, Director, Business Transformation, Tesco Business Services

Prohance has helped us improve our operational acumen and decision-making process through their advanced reporting and insights capabilities. The team at Prohance is also very helpful and knowledgable. They carry with them a wealth of industry experience and their recommendations have been very valuable in helping us through the implementation and post-implementation journey.

Mohith Mohan, Divisional Vice President and Site Head, HBC

Cognizant continues to drive a culture of operational excellence as part of its long-term strategy around delivering world-class value and innovation. Insights provided by ProHance have helped us optimize the utilization and productivity of our teams across functions.

Saurabh Sharma, Senior Director - Cognizant Digital Operations, Cognizant

We have been very pleased on the results we have achieved deploying ProHance in our organization. It has created transparency to employee productivity, potential capacity issues and most importantly it has enabled employees to self-manage their effectiveness.

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Mark Coffman, SVP Utility Management Operations

Prohance helped Texila in tracking the productivity of the employees on a daily basis through Customized and centralized dashboard. It created a culture of ownership & responsibility among the employees, thereby increasing the efficiency. Also it allowed the Management to leverage the benefit of flexible work timing.

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Sivakumar, CPO

The introduction of the ProHance tool helped enable our employees to better their time management skills. With engaging, intuitive yet simple to understand user interface and dashboards, which provide powerful analytical views, it is a very helpful tool to analyse and manage performance, workload, productivity and business decision-making.

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Priyesh Masurkar, Business Operations Manager

ProHance has been a real measurement tool to appreciate the effective users and to train the underutilized users to turn them productive. We have seen nearly 20%-25% improvement to get the positive result without pressurizing the users where they can monitor their performance by themselves.

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Sridharan Natarajan, VP- Operations

ProHance is a great tool and an integral part of our organization’s workstream. It has helped us maintain a gold standard with regards to our employees logged hours, productivity and efficiency, especially during the WFH scenario. It provides us with deep insights on the applications and websites used by our teams and helps us keep a check on our company’s alignment of productive applications.

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Saurabh Bhatia, Senior Manager

We have been using Prohance for the past 18 months and it has proved to be a very useful solution, especially during and post COVID period in assessing workload, planning work allocation and understanding employees’ relative performance. ProHance is an essential tool for managing remote, distributed team management.

Mr. Suryanarayana Valluri, Co-Founder, Trilliant Digital

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