Screen Recording Module

Protect your organisation’s confidential information in the hybrid work environment

Screen Recording Module

Screen Recording Module

Data protection module

Protect your organisation’s confidential information in the hybrid work environment

  • Feature to protect confidential data or create standard operating procedures
  • On Demand Screen Capture
  • Trigger based screenshots or videos
  • Flexibility to choose type of activities, user roles, and duration for capture
  • Detailed reporting from team level to hourly level for compliance audits
  • Provides useful inputs for coaching and training, operations risk management, and process documentation

Key Differentiators

Real Time Remote Work Distribution System

Real Time Intelligence

Workforce Scalability Feature


Robust Workforce Analytics Tool

Robust Analytics

Remote and Hybrid Employee Connectivity Software


Easy to Deploy Workforce Management Software

Easy to Deploy

Multiple Operating System Solution

Multiple Environment

User Friendly Employee Management Interface

User Friendly

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Frequently Asked Questions-:

ProHance Screen Recording module auto captures employee screen activity in real time, providing a comprehensive view of tasks. It's an automatic solution for tracking employee computer activity, supporting in-office, remote, and hybrid work environments.

The Screen Recording Module serves to track employee computer use, offering a user-friendly interface for compliance with governance in protecting confidential data and efficient work time tracking with screenshots. It enhances work tracking software for small businesses adopting remote or hybrid work solutions.

All the information is secure as the Screen Recording module prioritizes confidentiality and ensures secure monitoring of employee screen activity, fostering a trustworthy solution for all businesses in need of user activity monitoring software.

The Screen Recording module captures a range of content, including employee screen activity and time tracking with screenshots. It's a versatile solution for tracking various work tasks in remote and hybrid work settings.

Absolutely! ProHance allows customized recording, tailoring the screen recording module to specific needs. It offers flexibility for small businesses looking for personalized solutions in screen recording with screenshots.

ProHance supports multiple file formats for recorded screens, ensuring compatibility with various systems. It offers a comprehensive solution for all businesses seeking screen recording with screenshots.

ProHance provides reliable support through a dedicated Support team for assistance with any challenges related to the screen recording module, ensuring a seamless experience.

The Screen Recording module aids in improving productivity by providing actionable insights into employee screen activity, aiding in data-driven decision making to boost work productivity and efficiency. It also helps in load balancing and identifying both underworked and overworked employees.

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