Gap Analysis

Definition: Gap Analysis is a strategic tool used to assess the disparity or difference between current performance and desired outcomes within an organization.

It involves comparing actual business processes, performance levels, or capabilities against benchmarks or goals, identifying gaps that hinder efficiency or hinder goal achievement.

Working Process:

Gap Analysis typically involves several key steps:

  1. Identifying Objectives: Clearly define the specific goals, benchmarks, or standards that the organization aims to achieve.

  2. Current State Assessment: Evaluate the existing processes, resources, capabilities, and performance metrics relevant to the identified objectives.

  3. Gap Identification: Analyze the discrepancies or gaps between the current state and the desired state. This involves quantifying gaps in terms of performance metrics, resource allocation, skill levels, or any other relevant parameters.

  4. Root Cause Analysis: Investigate the reasons behind identified gaps. This may involve further detailed analysis of processes, systems, organizational structures, or external factors.

  5. Developing Action Plans: Based on the analysis, develop action plans to bridge the identified gaps. These plans may include changes in processes, resource allocation, training programs, technology upgrades, or strategic realignments.

  6. Monitoring and Adjustment: Implement the action plans and continuously monitor progress. Adjust strategies as necessary to ensure that the gaps are effectively addressed and organizational goals are met.


Gap Analysis is crucial for several reasons:

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