Ghost Meetings

Definition:Ghost Meetings refer to virtual gatherings or online conferences where participants join but remain passive or unengaged throughout the session. The term is derived from the idea that attendees are present in body (or virtually) but are essentially "ghosts" in terms of their lack of active participation.

Characteristics of Ghost Meetings:

Silent Presence:

Attendees are present in the virtual meeting space but rarely contribute to discussions or share insights.

Limited Interactivity:

Ghost meetings are marked by a lack of engagement tools used by participants, such as chat messages, reactions, or raising hands.

Low Participation:

The majority of attendees remain passive, leading to one-way communication and a missed opportunity for collective brainstorming or problem-solving.

Causes and Impact:

Overlapping Priorities:

Participants may have conflicting priorities, leading them to multitask or remain inactive during the meeting.

Technology Issues:

Technical difficulties or unfamiliarity with virtual platforms can contribute to disengagement.

Poor Meeting Design:

Meetings lacking a clear agenda, defined goals, or interactive elements are more prone to becoming ghost meetings.

Reduced Team Connection:

Ghost meetings can negatively impact team dynamics, reducing the sense of collaboration and camaraderie.

Other Terms :

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