ProHance – the Key That Unlocks Human Capital And Business Challenges

  Published : August 16, 2022
  Last Updated: February 9, 2024


Unlocking Your Human Capital and Tackling Business Challenges with ProHance

An enterprise that values and thrives on the knowledge that its most powerful assets are its people, will always prove to be the game-changer. When such an enterprise starts thinking about how its investment in its human capital landscape pans out – which can broadly vary between 60-80% of where its capital gets spent – then it gets termed as the finance and business outcome. This then becomes a very valuable measure for a company’s upward trajectory.

User Behavior Analytics

The other side of the organization is its more humane side, which always has to remain people-centric so each employee blossoms and is utilized to its maximum potential. Plus, it is imperative that the company gives all the employees KPIs that keep them motivated and energized on a daily basis. To measure this, the enterprise needs 360-degree visibility into how each team performs its tasks.


ProHance Enabling People Analytics To Manage Hybrid Workforce

This is where platforms like ProHance step up to the plate, by auto-capturing how time is being spent within an enterprise and providing actionable insights and solid data regarding employee & team performance . This enables direct and indirect managers coupled with the HR teams to take appropriate steps towards maximizing productivity within the enterprise operating in a Hybrid Work Model.


ProHance is able to provide its users with deep insights into their processes. This is done by leveraging the power of analytics and automated time tracking which very seamlessly and swiftly collects data, and then is beautifully stitched together in the customizable smart dashboard with 80+ Out of Box reports.


  • Catering to a wide variety of use cases

Give the enterprise information about what is happening within the enterprise from an asset perspective as well, and how it’s transitioning over time so there is always high visibility of the top trends showing up within each area – all without requiring any manual intervention!


The top performer model helps reduce variations by providing a way to replicate typical employee behaviour, which can then further be used in any organization with high churn rates. The ProHance system provides an additional layer of data analysis on top of traditional HR practices that help manage the enterprise’s human capital most effectively, so they continue to excel and adopt best practice habits from within the company as well.


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