ProHance – The Missing Piece of Your IT Puzzle! 

  Published : August 8, 2022
  Last Updated: February 9, 2024


What are the use cases for ProHance?

ProHance – A workplace analytics and operations enablement platform that can enhance and bring about a transformational change in business processes in the current hybrid workplace, is becoming widely implemented and accepted in India and around the world. The visibility and actionable analytics provided by ProHance help Enterprises make their operations more customer-centric, efficient, and lean. ProHance is leveraged by 250,000+ users in 150+ enterprises across 24 countries.

Building a Future-Fit Workforce

ProHance allows organizations to be future-ready, helping teams to be connected, visible, engaged, and optimized.

A few niche offerings ProHance has to offer are:

  1. It auto-captures how time is spent across the enterprise, helping to create a robust and objective measurement system.
  2. Provides deep insights into how human capital is engaged within an enterprise.
  3. Lays and strengthens the foundation to optimize efficiency, increase transparency and drive collaboration.
  4. Enables organizations to become more agile and achieve operating goals.
  5. Provide leaders with data and analytics, allowing them to manage their distributed teams effectively and ensuring key operations metrics are met.

ProHance For GCC’s/Shared Services

Shared services benefit immensely from ProHance as do all of the back-office processes such as Operations, IT, HR, finance and accounting, Engineering Design, etc.  – these areas are where ProHance can quickly come in and help with capabilities.

ProHance For BFSI

ProHance works with a number of companies, banks, and large conglomerates that have a shared service centre, as they are the largest consumers of its workflow module.

ProHance For IT and BPM

Essentially, a business enterprise with a mid to large workforce that works on a desktop or a laptop; and spends that working time in a hybrid workspace, or a work-from-home situation or actual office space – or a combination of all scenarios — all are well-demonstrated to be the best use cases for ProHance .  Almost all of the IT and BPM companies are another set of ideal users of ProHance.

hybrid work scenarios

On the industry side, it is agnostic in terms of the type it fits into: it can range from healthcare to tech, AI, finance and accounting, BPO or even a consultancy – and can be fitted into any number of them.

ProHance offers a comprehensive suite of modules for all functions within IT, Operations, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), etc.

Numerous organizations are leveraging ProHance within these functions and have gained substantial benefits.

Offering immense value and benefit to users, ProHance helps global organizations speed up their

  • business processes

  • improve quality and compliance

  • reduce costs

It delivers innumerable advantages through its unique combination of in-built processes, reporting & analytics engine and seamless integration to other technologies that can adapt to any number of hybrid work scenarios.

The ProHance platform is robust, scalable and secure and can be deployed in any environment. With a proven track record of successful implementation in world-renowned organizations, ProHance has become the preferred choice for business process improvement.


What is prohance?

ProHance is a new-age workplace analytics platform that provides insights for smarter decisions in a complex, distributed, and hybrid workforces. ProHance offers best-in-market analytics with real-time view combined with customizable smart reporting & dashboards.

What is the use of prohance?

ProHance Provides automated and accurate measurements of how human capital is engaged and digital assets are leveraged in an organization.

Is Prohance a good tool for work from home?

ProHance enables users to work from home by Auto capturing how time is being spent.
ProHance work-from-home software Provides visibility across multiple organizational levels allowing teams to work seamlessly while remaining location agnostic.

What are the advantages of Prohance Software?

ProHance software is a fully integrated product suite delivering maximum value to its clients by providing the following features: Multi environment, Real-time Intelligence, Scalable, Robust Analytics, seamless 3rd party Integrations, User Friendly, Privacy and Security, and Easy-to-deploy.

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