Punch Clock

Definition: A punch clock, also known as a time clock or clock-in/clock-out system, is a mechanical or electronic device used by businesses to record the working hours of employees. It serves as a fundamental tool for time and attendance tracking, aiding in payroll processing and workforce management.

Types of Punch Clocks:

Traditional Mechanical Punch Clocks:

Electronic Punch Clocks:

Cloud-Based Punch Clock Systems:

Key Components and Features:

Time Card or Digital Interface:

Verification Mechanisms:

Reporting and Integration:

Compliance Measures:

Other Terms :

Payroll   |   PC Activity Monitoring   |   Performance Evaluation   |   Performance Management   |   Productivity Tracker   |   Passive Time   |   Productive Hours Per Day   |   Productive Session   |   Project Management   |   Project Tracking   |   Predictive Analytics   |   Process Bottlenecks   |   Process Excellence   |   Payroll Integration   |   Project Manager Time Reports   |  

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