Performance Improvement Plan

Definition: A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is a structured document outlining specific steps and goals designed to help employees improve their performance in the workplace. It is typically initiated by employers or managers when an employee's performance consistently falls below expected standards.

The PIP serves as a formal agreement between the employer and the employee, highlighting areas needing improvement, setting clear objectives, and establishing a timeline for achieving these goals.


  1. Identification of Issues: The first stage involves identifying and documenting the specific performance issues that necessitate a PIP. This may include inadequate job skills, poor time management, or behavioral concerns.

  2. Goal Setting: Clear and measurable goals are established in collaboration with the employee. These goals should be realistic, achievable within the given timeline, and directly address the identified performance issues.

  3. Monitoring and Feedback: Throughout the PIP period, regular monitoring and feedback sessions are conducted between the employee and their supervisor or manager. This helps track progress, offer support, and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

  4. Completion and Evaluation: At the end of the PIP timeline, an evaluation is conducted to assess whether the employee has met the agreed-upon goals. Based on this evaluation, further actions such as continued support, termination, or extension of the PIP may be determined.

Need and Purpose:

The need for a Performance Improvement Plan arises when an employee’s performance does not meet organizational standards despite prior feedback and support. It serves several purposes:

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