Introduction: Orchestration in a corporate context refers to the coordination and integration of various processes, technologies, and resources to achieve a common goal or objective efficiently and effectively.

It involves managing complex workflows, tasks, and interactions across different departments, teams, and systems within an organization.

Need of Orchestration:

Complexity Management

Optimized Resource Utilization

Agility and Adaptability

Enhanced Customer Experience

Key Considerations:

Technology Infrastructure

Clear Communication and Collaboration

Data Integration and Analytics

Continuous Improvement

Other Terms :

Outsourcing   |   Overtime   |   Office Productivity   |   Operational Efficiency   |   Overutilized Threshold   |   Office Space Occupancy   |   Operational Intelligence (OI)   |   Offshore Software Development   |   Offshoring   |   Operation Enablement   |   Overtime Payout   |   Overworked Employee

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