Idle Time

Definition: Idle Time refers to periods during which there is no activity from a user during the logged hours in a work environment. This encompasses any time span when the system is on and the user is logged in but not actively engaging in work-related tasks.

Importance of analyzing Idle Time

Identifying and analyzing Idle Time is essential for businesses seeking to optimize employee productivity and operational efficiency. It helps in uncovering inefficiencies in workflows, potential overstaffing, or the need for additional training or resources. Understanding Idle Time can also contribute to more accurate project costing and resource planning.



Use Cases:

Best Practices:

Related Terms:

  1. Logged Hours: The total time an employee spends logged into a work system, encompassing active, idle, and away time.

  2. Productivity Analysis: The examination of output produced or tasks completed in relation to time spent, including the analysis of Idle Time.

  3. Time Management: Strategies or practices employed to use one’s time more effectively, minimizing Idle Time and maximizing productive output.

Other Terms :

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