Bradford Factor

Definition: The Bradford Factor, named after the city of Bradford in the United Kingdom where it was first implemented, is a human resource management metric designed to quantify and analyze patterns of employee absenteeism.

It is a simple formula that provides organizations with a numeric value representing the impact of employee absences on their operations.


The calculation of the Bradford Factor involves multiplying the number of instances of absence by itself and then multiplying the result by the total number of days absent. The formula is represented as S² × D, where S is the number of separate instances of absence and D is the total number of days absent. The resulting score provides a quantitative measure of the disruptive potential of an employee's absenteeism. Higher Bradford Factor scores indicate a more disruptive absenteeism pattern.

Key Components:

Separate Absences (S):

This represents the number of distinct instances of absence. It emphasizes the impact of frequent short-term absences over occasional long-term ones.

Total Days Absent (D):

This is the cumulative number of days an employee has been absent, providing a measure of the overall impact of absenteeism.

Purpose and Application:

Identifying Patterns:

The Bradford Factor helps employers identify patterns of absenteeism that may go unnoticed with traditional metrics. It highlights individuals with a high frequency of short-term absences, allowing for targeted intervention.

Resource Allocation:

Organizations can use the Bradford Factor to allocate resources more efficiently, such as providing additional support or training to employees with high scores to address underlying issues.

Policy Enforcement:

Some organizations use the Bradford Factor to enforce absenteeism policies and trigger disciplinary actions when certain thresholds are exceeded.

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