Logged Hours

Definition: Logged Hours refer to the total time spent by a user at work while logged into a system. This encompasses the sum of Time On System (active work), Time Away From System (breaks or meetings), and Idle Time (periods of inactivity). Essentially, it accounts for all duration between a session start and session stop within a single day.

Importance of analysing Logged Hours

Understanding and tracking Logged Hours is crucial for businesses as it provides insights into employee productivity, resource allocation, and operational efficiency. It aids in workforce management, ensuring that workloads are appropriately distributed and that employees are neither overworked nor underutilized.



Use Cases:

Best Practices:

Related Terms:

  1. Time On System: The actual time spent actively working on tasks within the system.

  2. Idle Time: Periods where the system is on, but no activity is detected.

  3. Time Away From System: Time logged as not actively working but still considered part of work hours, such as breaks or meetings.

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