Promoting Work Life Balance in the Office with ProHance

Express Health Care – June 12th, 2014

A case study on how Acusis, a medical transcription / clinical documentation firm improved their transparency and productivity by adopting ProHance software .

Acusis, a leading company offering home-based medical transcription/ clinical documentation was facing some challenges in having authentic and factual data with respect to their employees’ compliance with organisation norms related to ‘Logged Hours’ and ‘Productive Hours’.

To tackle this challenge and obtain greater insight into the work time of their employees, Acusis deployed ProHance, a productivity enhancement software, for their employees spread across geographical locations in India. This helped to provide complete workplace transparency with analytics to Team Managers as well as individual employees on their work styles.

DescActual Logged HoursActual Productive Hours
ProHanceImplementation Phase15:07 Hours 13:15 Hours
ProHance Steady State Phase9:05 Hours8:08 Hours

Healthier work life balance

Once ProHance was deployed, it was observed that a set of employees were regularly putting in extra work hours. Necessary steps were taken for these employees to bring about a healthier work life balance in their work style.

DescExpected Logged HoursActual Logged HoursExpected Productive HoursActual Productive Hours
ProHance Implementation Phase9:00 Hours8:40 Hours9:00 Hour88:19 Hour8
ProHance Steady State Phase9:00 Hours9:05 Hours8:00 Hours8:19 Hours

Improved compliance to organisational norms

ProHance captures the logged hours of an employee based on the actual login and logout times on the system and automatically tracks how well employees utilise time in office with respect to their defined work profile. ProHance’s intuitive dashboards and reports provide insight into compliance by employees to office norms related to work time.

ProHance provided the necessary data to Acusis to bring about greater level of compliance to organisational norms and benefitted from employees spending more productive time in office as highlighted below:

In A Nutshell


  • Employees stretching their work hours resulting in work life imbalance
  • Lack of insight into employee activities & their usage of work time
  • Inconsistency in compliance by employees to expected logged hour


ProHance – A productivity enhancement software was deployed for employees across their India offices to gain insight into employees’ workstyle in office, improve compliance and promote work life balance


  • Healthier work life balance for employees
  • Increased clarity to employees on their productive time and hence better compliance
  • Greater consistency by employees in complying with logged hours


  • Healthier work life balance for employees
  • Increase in compliance to logged hours
  • Improvement in productive time


About Acusis
Acusis provides home-based medical transcription/clinical documentation in India. It serves some of the most reputed healthcare providers of US. Acusis handles and deliver their medical transcription/clinical documentation on time; maintainng high quality, technology, and confidentiality standards. It has operations in US, India, and Philippines. Acusis India headquarters is in Bangalore with additional offices in Mysore, Chennai and Coimbatore.
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