Improving Operational Excellency got lot Easier

It’s not a small task, often top management is found making strategies and executing them to increase and generate revenue and be the fastest growing companies in the world.

The most important thing in business is to keep growing with increasing revenue. A company can only survive with increasing revenues and keep attracting the investors.

Improve the Operational Excellency

The best way to keep business margins up is to increase operational excellence. These processes make operations Lean and customer centric. If a company works on its workforce analytics & operational efficiency they can be way more productive. Let’s say a team has 20 members and they are expected to work for 7 hours/day, instead of that they are working for only 5.25 hours/day, which means company is having loss of 36-man hours/per employee/month, which is equivalent to getting 1 employee over 4, which leads to loss of revenue. Work time and workforce utilization analysis are highly effective for  improving team efficiency and enhancing the employee productivity levels.


Prohance is the world class We at ProHance have a world class Enterprise SaaS operations management platform that has been deployed across 20,000+ users in multiple Fortune 500 companies. Prohance offers great modules to monitor the teams and improve team efficiency, 2 of them are Work Time & Workforce Management Module. It helps you unlock the full potential of your Human Capital and Digital Investments by identifying how your teams spend time that impacts your customers and enterprise. This tool allows you to Drive Operational efficiency and derive cost benefits of 15 – 30% in first year of deployment. Want to learn more. Click here

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