New Age Workplace Analytics & Operations Enablement Platform

Enabling leaders to make SMART decisions in managing a distributed workforce skilfully using data and analytics

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Ensure Operational Resiliency & Seamless Delivery

ProHance helps you view your operations holistically and identify opportunities for collaboration & optimization across your Enterprise.

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Enabling Organizations to Get Future-Ready

ProHance allows organizations to build a future-fit workforce. Helping teams to be connected, visible, engaged and optimized.

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Real-time insights for informed business decisions

Improve work-life balance by circumventing burnout and effective work distribution across resources

Auto captures time spend; creates an enterprise-wide objective and robust measurement system

Formulates effective strategies for capacity planning, people retention, and operations management

Multi environment (Citrix, VDI, etc) and multi-operating system (Windows, Linux, MAC etc) compatible

Provides visibility across multiple organizational levels allowing teams to work seamlessly while remaining location agnostic

Rapid deployment (2-6 weeks) at scale (500 - 10,000 users) across a hybrid workforce

Qualifies remote work distribution and allocation — drives collaboration, efficiency, and transparency within organization

ProHance Use Cases

  • Manage Distributed Workforce
  • Workforce Productivity Analytics
  • Enhance Employee awareness for better performance
  • Ensure Employee Wellness
  • Visibility and control of distributed IT Infrastructure
  • On Demand Screen Capture
  • Work Distribution & Management with Workflow

Manage Distributed Workforce

New Age Operations Management Platform

  • End to end visibility of time metrics for the hybrid workforce
  • Compare metrics related to work from home, remote solo locations, and traditional concentrated facilities (offices, factories, retail)
  • Workload Balancing between individuals and teams
  • Create Automated timesheets
  • Integrate ProHance data within payroll systems
  • Transform processes based on work patterns

Workforce Productivity Analytics

Comprehensive view across productivity levels of the enterprise

  • Cross skilling formulated on performance
  • Automated ‘Agent Scorecards’ for associates
  • Dynamic attribute-based segmentation analysis

Empower Employees

Empower employees by providing actionable feedback

  • Personal coach by increasing self-awareness through notifications
  • Consistent view of performance across all levels of the organization
  • Enables employees to understand how their performance impacts organisation overall performance

Ensure Employee Wellness

Helps employee work-life balance

  • Proactive break prompts when employees work continuously for long hours
  • Deliverable reminders on employee progress
  • Analytics to identify distressed or overtaxed teams

Visibility to IT assets

Sharper visibility into organisation asset inventory

  • Reduce spend on paid software
  • Automated reports on inventory of laptops/desktops used by employees remotely
  • Visibility on seat utilization
  • Execute End Point Actions

Protect Confidential Data

Enable trigger-based controls to protect sensitive information

  • Screen Recording to capture videos/screenshots based on predefined triggers
  • Flags unwanted events -- an unidentified person trying to access user machine, photographing/taking screenshots of company data on the screen, etc

Optimise Processes with Workflow

Process and determine business activities remotely

  • Real-time status on inventory within a process
  • Prioritise high-value work
  • Measure turn-around time and average handling time to enable better capacity planning

Industry Wise Use Case & Testimonials

RCM/ Healthcare

CTS continues to drive a culture of operational excellence as part of its long-term strategy around delivering world-class value and innovation. Insights provided by ProHance have helped us optimize the utilization and productivity of our teams across functions

AVP Business Transformation & Digital Business Operations

A Fortune 500 IT Services provider was losing billable revenue due to sub-optimal employee productivity. Download

Are your employees really doing productive work while at office? Are our employees overworked or underutilized? ProHance had the answers and delivered on the solutions.

Ananda Sanjeev, GM – Global Operations

Acusis, a leader in home based medical transcription/clinical was facing challenges in having authentic and factual data w.r.t. their employees’ compliance Download

ProHance has helped solve a long standing problem we were facing. The best part was that it was easy to implement and we got access to incredible quality of analytics

VP and Head of Operations - Global Business Services

How ProHance helped increase productivity by 20% at a Top Telecommunications Company Download

The ProHance team has been extremely supportive and proactive in enhancing their product to automate the entire process of data collection and analysis through their Advanced Analytics module for LEAN

General Manager, Lean Coach & Head of Lean Implementation

ProHance worked closely with the client to deploy it's platform across Softsages centers. Download

We chose ProHance because it offered all the tools we needed for better workforce management under one platform, such as real timme data, dashboards and reports to derive inferences, enabling data capture for work from home users, dashboards for end user consumption enabled us to drive self-governance within teams at the same timme providing holistic view into our operations

How ProHance helped a leading Manufacturing Firm increase efficiency in their Finance & Supply chain processes by 21% Download

ProHance has helped us improve our operational acumen and decision-making process through their advanced reporting and insights capabilities. The team at ProHance is also very helpful and knowledgeable. They carry with them a wealth of industry experience and their recommendations have been very valuable in helping us through the implementation and post-implementation journey.

DVP and Site Head

ProHance Helps Increase Productivity By 31% At A Leading American Retail Company. Download
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