FutureIP Labs is a group of customer centric companies that provide solution, services and products in the IT, infrastructure and clean energy domains. It is more than just a holding company and focuses on working with and leading its portfolio companies through accelerated growth to become global entities. FutureIP supports its portfolio companies with leadership, mentorship, business focus and strategies along with seed capital and facilities.

The FutureIP leadership team comes from a background in information technology, and networking products and solutions. The team has a credible track record of having created, grown, and transitioned Network Solutions (Netsol), a large IT services company to two large Fortune 50 companies. In just a few years, Netsol established itself as a trail-blazer in the IT space, so much so that it was acquired in part by Intel and the rest later became a part of IBM.

JaMocha Tech is a part of the ecosystem of group companies promoted by Future IP Labs. It is a Software Product innovation and Solution Engineering company established in 2009 with headquarters in Bangalore, India. ProHance is the flagship product of JaMocha Tech which is a global enterprise workforce analytics solution that improves operational efficiency of organizations.


Rajesh Sharma

Vice President - Operations

Dr. Kishore Reddy

Vice President - Technology

Ankur Dhingra

Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Arvind Sagar

Head - Professional Services

Ashish Syngal

Vice President - Customer Success and Account Management

Venu Gattineni

Senior Director - Technology