ProHance is an Omni-Channel operations management platform being leveraged by enterprises across their back office, chat, and email servicing operations. ProHance provides real-time visibility on how teams are engaged on the ground. This visibility allows enterprises to allocate resources more effectively, load balance across teams, and make smart decisions with agility. The visibility and actionable analytics provided by ProHance helps Enterprises make their operations more customer-centric, efficient, and lean.
ProHance is leveraged by 150,000+ users in 100+ enterprises across 21 countries.


Ankur Dhingra

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kishore Reddy

Vice President - Technology

Rajesh Sharma

Vice President - Operations

Harjiv Singh Rekhi

Vice President & Client Partner

Arvind Sagar

Head - Professional Services

Ashish Syngal

Vice President - Customer Success and Account Management

Venu Gattineni

Vice President