bestProHance Pro is best suited for project tracking in IT / ITES companies in software development, project management offices, Infrastructure Management Services (Transition Management), Outsourcing Entities, IT & Process Consulting companies. ProHance Pro is a unique offering and this functionality is not available in any other competing products, currently.

ProHance Pro provides real-time project tracking through user activity monitoring and relating it to project plans and tasks. ProHance provides a “closed loop” project tracking & transition system with “Visibility” of efforts and outcomes towards achieving team goals as well as “Alignment” of efforts of all distributed/ virtual team members towards meeting promises made by the organization. ProHance Pro also provides revenue recognition and earned value recognition reports.

ProHance Pro enables project managers to effectively track their projects in real-time, manage projects objectively, minimize the risks & maximize the quality and the outcomes.


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ProHance Pro provides real-time visibility into projects across locations. Managers can now track project status and trends, resource allocation and efforts, earned value and revenue recognition. This can significantly improve project tracking, project estimation, project transition as well as project profitability.

Integrating with most project management & planning tools, ProHance Pro enables project managers to view project status in real-time through the executive dashboards and tracks activity on the project in real-time without manual inputs and without the need to supervise.

ProHance Pro enables Agile, Waterfall and DevOps types of projects with real-time measurement of effort and outcomes against planned schedules. ProHance Pro enables better project estimation through the analysis of actual effort by team member against each task.



Work Effort vs Work Output Analysis – Measure and correlate value-add work against achieved work output providing an understanding of productivity in real time against project tasks planned. ProHance helps to identify and highlight opportunities for improvement through resource re-allocation, re-training etc. ProHance also provides correlation of project task with tool usage and reference to project goals.

Project Resource Analysis– Onsite vs offshore ratiomeasures resources, man-hours and work efficiency of offshore vs onsite resources on any project. Project resource analysis also measures allocation of resource levelsat all stages of a project. This analysis also reports oncertified vs non-certified resources and their efficiency.

Value Add Time Analysis (Lean Assessment) – Value-add and non-value-add analysis for individuals, teams within a project and across projects can help identify andeliminate wasteand hence cost of a project, project or service. ProHance helps identify resource utilization wastage and over processing of resources.

Scope of Improvement Score– ProHance calculates Time Efficiency scores of users and computes Scope of Improvement Score between top and bottom performers within a team.

Work Burn Down Chartshows work left to do v/s time. Also, comparison of actual remaining work is also shown with respect to planned actual work. If actual remaining work line is higher than planned actual work then it means that more work than planned is remaining and project is behind schedule.

Task Burn Down Chart provides information on whether the number of tasks remaining in the agile cycle is more or less than planned.

Revenue or Earned Value Recognition Reports provide instant visibility on recognizable and accrued revenue or earned value based on services rendered or milestones completed.



  • ProHance Pro complements existing project planning and project management tools. ProHance can auto-populate tasks and milestones from 3rd party project management tools and MS Excel.
  • ProHance Pro measures time spent by team members on defined project tasks as against the other operational activities at work.
  • ProHance Pro helps project managers track the deviations from the plan. Both schedule and effort deviations can be measured and tracked.
  • ProHance Pro ensures delivery alignment with respect to committed timelines to the customer. This impacts project profitability directly.
  • The repository of performance data from ProHance Pro relating to prior projects can help in better estimation on future projects.
  • ProHance Pro assists in better coordination between multiple resources spread across the organization. It enables stakeholder view project status in real-time.
  • ProHance Pro enables better stakeholder communication; stakeholders can view the status of various projects in real-time on the executive dashboard and can drill down to get more insights.
  • Resource availability for the projects can be tracked; their time on the projects can be measured and reported, even across multiple projects.