"Employees tend to spend significant time in unproductive work without realizing it"
- Environmental Science and Engineering, Gannon University
"The use of worker self-reported information may not represent an accurate account of time spent performing tasks ... activity monitoring would be more suitable methodologies for obtaining suchinformation"
- Info-Tech Research Group
"Digital distractions at work result in up to one-third loss of productive online time and also result in security vulnerabilities and compliance issues…"
- Websense & IDC
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Dramatically improve your desk force operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • People and process efficiency is a critical factor in achieving better business results.
  • ProHance Suite dramatically improves time efficiency and output effectiveness for both desk and field force by supporting people and process productivity enhancements.
  • Improve work efficiencies & effectiveness, Increase work transparency, Enhance work time and work output of staff, Improve work-life balance of staff, Increase revenues and profitability.
  • For you, the employer, this means reduced costs and increased revenue, while improving employee morale.

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