bestProHance Desk is ideal for IT/ITES across Engineering Services, BFSI, Software Development Centres, Architects etc. who only want to measure workstation usage and software application usage but not employee activity and productivity. ProHance Desk is also ideal for non-voice BPO companies using IP Phones for login process.

ProHance Desk tracks workstation usage and software application usage by end users in real-time. This provides visibility on resource utilization and software license wastage and enables release of expensive resources & licenses and reduction in operative and capital expenses.

ProHance Desk eliminates the expensive licensing and AMC costs while providing in-depth better insight into the agent performance in the non-voice processes.

Improve Asset Utilization

ProHance Desk provides real-time measurement of asset utilization – workstations and the software usage. Real-time software usage tracking identifies costly software resources that are purchased or leased but not used. Real-time workstation usage tracking eliminates resource sprawl. ProHance Desk enables organizations to optimally utilize existing system resources and space and plan for expanding work force and reduce their overall capital and operational costs.


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