Case Study: How a Healthcare Leader Reduced its Turnaround Time by 39%

One of the major problems being faced by many organizations is the delayed delivery of services. This affects the overall business as slower Turn Around Time’s (TAT) will result in dissatisfied clients. This survey shows some of the trends associated with the benefits of having a workforce management software. E-Care India was facing a problem of having delayed turnaround times due to inefficient workforce and process management systems.

Key Challenges Faced by E-care India

E-care India is one of the leading medical billing companies in India that provides complete medical billing solutions and coding services. E-care is a pioneer in offshore medical billing, having started in the year 2000 – one of the first few to offer medical billing from India at that time. Today, Ecare has grown to 1,000+ people and has 3 delivery centers.

E-care did not have a monitoring mechanism for the huge operations that they managed. With the lack of data, enhancing the process or identifying workload and optimizing the same was a huge challenge that the operations teams faced.

How did these Challenges affect E-Care India?

• Not having a monitoring mechanism for the core operations leads to inefficient work effectiveness and a lack of sync between various operations. This can lead to delayed deliveries which can have a financial consequence.
• The lack of available data made it difficult for E-Care India to find the bottlenecks. These bottlenecks could be minor in nature but they could jeopardize the entire process. The operations team found it difficult to identify the workload of various departments. This resulted in a loss of work hours and money.

How Did ProHance approach the problem and deliver a Solution?

ProHance was first piloted for a group of 290 individuals spread across 15 processes. ProHance team worked closely with the pilot group conducting routine focus group sessions helping teams with the following:

  • Work time pattern analysis and compliance with company standards
  • Comparison of time spent on activities on the system and away from the system for better work allocation
  • Comparison of production with work time patterns leading to better throughput.


“We recently started using ProHance and within a short time, it has started to help identify & eliminate waste from our system and make it more efficient thereby improving productivity. The reporting is customizable and user-friendly and the dedicated support team at ProHance is always available to assist. As quoted by Einstein “The measure of intelligence is based on ability to change”, ProHance paved way for an easy transformation at the end user level. We did see competitive products and now feel very delighted about choosing the right one!” 

Deepal Sanghi, CEO at E-Care.

ProHance helped managers identify and reduce wastage improving work time across all teams. This improved efficiency along with detailed application usage analysis led to utilization improvements and a decrease in the TAT for their clients.


What was achieved with the Implementation of ProHance?

ProHance deployment helped E-care India achieve better control over their operations. A comparison of production with activities on the system helped them streamline work and achieve higher efficiency from the existing workforce. Without adding additional resources workload could be managed during peak seasons. ProHance helped E-care India achieve the following outcomes:



The team saw a
reduction in Turn Around
Time (TAT) from 44 hours
to 27 hours which is an
improvement of 39% in 6



Effective workforce management
through transparency and
effective workload distribution
to avoid instances of overwork
and create a healthy work-life balance




Users enabled with
personalized for dashboards
for better time management





Identify best practices that can
be standardized across all
teams to improve efficiency





With ProHance, E-care enhanced its operational efficiency through transparency and effective management of work time. ProHance provided the means to baseline their operations; identify the scope of improvement and continuously monitoring progress towards achieving the desired outcome.



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