Low Employee Productivity – $7 Trillion is Lost Each Year

Employee Productivity a matter of serious concern!!

For years, employers have despaired over Gallup’s dismal engagement data. The organization’s 2017 “State of the Global Workplace” report revealed that a whopping 85 percent of employees aren’t engaged — or are actively disengaged. The cost to businesses? A cool $7 trillion in lost productivity each year.

In response, employers have thrown perks and various engagement tools at workers: nap pods, Ping-Pong tables, snacks. Making work a more enjoyable place to be should boost engagement, right?

Wrong: A Society for Human Resource Management report found that  70 percent of employees are engaged when they’re empowered to handle opportunities and problems at work. Underscoring that point, a study revealed that people who were highly empowered at work had engagement in the 79th percentile.

Empowerment is clearly a way to solve employers’ engagement woes. But how can they truly give their workers ownership and not make “empowerment” a token phrase?

Letting purpose fuel their efforts.

Deloitte found that  73 percent of people who work in purpose-driven environments are engaged. But there’s a drop of 50 percentage points for those who don’t work for purpose-driven companies: Only 23 percent of them feel engaged. It’s clear that employees take ownership when they care about what they’re doing.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/323575

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