ProHance : Boost Operational Efficiency by 30 Percent

International Business Times – January 23rd, 2018

Today businesses want to be lean, which means to create more value for customers with fewer resources. Businesses want to take a holistic view on the flow of products and services through value streams across technologies, processes, and departments. The goal of a lean business is to provide maximum value to the customer through a value-creation process that has zero waste.

In knowledge-based businesses—such as design, software development, consulting, and other IT-enabled services—being lean is directly dependent on employee productivity. This is where ProHance steps in. Its work-transformation approach focuses on continuously eliminating waste and improving value-add time of employees.

Organizations use ProHance to move quickly in their lean-transformation journey by leveraging its strong data measurement and analysis, capacity unlocking, variation management, and data segmentation. ProHance Analytics drives measurable business outcomes, helps optimize workforce performance and processes, and improves employee engagement by providing real-time visibility on workforce productivity and utilization.

On an average, large IT projects run 45 to 66 percent over budget and 7 percent over time, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted. ProHance identifies and helps control these leaks and overruns, thus improving workforce process and performance by up to 30 percent in complex IT and business projects.

Says ProHance’s Dr. Kishore Reddy, “Our solution enables businesses to accurately measure employee productivity and effectiveness helping balance workloads in real time. Managers can compare performances among teams across locations and identify the best performing teams/individuals, which would help reduce effort, cost, and waste. An understanding of efficiency levels of employees across days and time goes a long way in maximizing productivity.”

Here are some real-world cases in which ProHance made a difference:

A well-established IT-services company used ProHance for its transformation into a lean business. The company achieved an efficiency improvement of over 25 to 40 percent in projects and organizational processes. The deployment also positively impacted customer/employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

A leading mortgage provider achieved an increase of US $21k in monthly revenues as a result of 30% increase in productivity. Lack of an automated mechanism to measure employee engagement on a real time basis drove the need to adopt ProHance and visible improvements were seen in less than 3 months.

A leading US-based product company with operations in various locations across the globe and team strength of 500 people was able to see 15- 20 % improvement in productivity in a span of 6 months. ProHance data provided them with visibility on work patterns across locations and helped them save $300,000 through increased employee efficiency

Increasingly, organizations are realizing that eliminating waste and going lean will help them cope with achieving high operational efficiency at low costs. Companies are assessing all the tools, technologies and processes they need to compete effectively in the marketplace and win. The common criteria is to choose the most effective solution, the right partner and the correct approach towards achieving objectives. ProHance is increasingly becoming the platform of choice to achieve that.