Work Time

Work time comprises of time and utilization analysis to help enterprises improve employee and team performance, time efficiency, and productivity levels.

  • Customizable widgets available to determine work pattern analysis across teams, processes and locations
  • Activities on and away from system analysis across multiple dimensions to identify time leakages and gaps
  • Identify current utilization trends and drive better resource leveling and planning
  • Set utilization benchmarks to drive continuous improvements
  • Drive personal productivity for employees for their defined performance metrics
  • Measure schedule compliance to organizational policies around login- logout adherence, shift compliance, break schedules etc
  • Optimize Overtime to improve work life balance

A large healthcare BPM gains an additional 1 hour productive time per employee per day within 6 months of using ProHance 

Prohance - Work Time
Prohance - Work Output

Work Output

Work output module helps in time and motion studies to drive productivity improvements.

  • Comprehensive analysis on employee effort v/s outcome
  • Intuitive dashboards to understand process and performance gaps
  • Identify and segment staff across multiple dimensions
  • Integration with 3rd party workflow management/helpdesk/Service desk/CRM or any other tools having transaction repository

“A world class solution that has not only increased employee productivity by 25% but also decreased employee overtime hours. “ – Ajuba

Workflow Management

A light weight Workflow Management module to help transaction based organizations measure per transaction time accurately to improve AHT (Average Handling Time) and throughput

  • Set up workflow and allocate tasks through inbuilt adaptors
  • Capture real time activity on each task to measure manage work effectively.
  • Strengthen operational risk by recording transactions based on predefined rules
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and desktop automation
  • Enables better planning and forecasting of workload

“ProHance has helped us achieve real time tracking of our performance & has helped setting the bar upward month on month.” – Leading Mortgage Service Provider

Prohance - Workflow Management
Prohance -Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Drive Lean initiatives, Asset Optimization and Partner Spend Management through Advanced Analytics to help identify leakages contributed by poor customer service, low employee productivity, loss of business, and high business costs.

  • Performance data to create effective organizational targets and benchmarks
  • Classify value added, non value added, and incidental activities.
  • Streamline and improve processes by identifying and minimizing non incidental activities
  • Allocate costs and charge outs based on space utilization and IT infrastructure
  • Keep track of infrastructure utilized, the resources and operating systems available

A large IT services company uses ProHance as part of its LEAN initiative to improve resource and project utilization by 25 - 40%

Asset Optimization

Asset Optimization module provides visibility and optimizes utilization of  IT Infrastructure (Seats, Hardware and Software), thereby reducing overall capital and operational costs.

Hardware & Software Management

  • Asset & Inventory Auto discovery
  • Allocation & utilization of Work Machine
  • Actual utilization of software licenses

ProHance reports & benefits

  • Asset optimization dashboard
  • Hardware inventory reporting
  • Software In Focus Usage report
    • Usage based S/W license optimization
    • Cut down licensing cost
Asset optimization
Prohance -Screen Capture

Screen Recording

Screen Capture or Recording module in ProHance can help organizations capture screen on demand, basis a set of configurable rules.

  • Flexibility to choose type of activities, user roles and duration for capture
  • Detailed reporting from team level to hourly level to understand user wise activities
  • Provide useful inputs for coaching and training, operations risk management and process documentation.