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Level Up Workplace Productivity with Employee Centric Initiatives

May 10, 2021, 06:50 GMT | ProHance

Human Capital is the most important asset in any Enterprise and understanding how it is engaged and managed is imperative for all organizations.

As compared to previous years, the latest trends are more data-driven and human-centric, a result of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”— Ankur Dhingra, CEO, ProHanceNEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, May 10, 2021 / -- Human Capital is the most important asset in any Enterprise and understanding how it is engaged and managed is imperative for all organizations.

As compared to previous years, the latest trends are more data-driven and human-centric, a result of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has forced organizations to rethink and redesign their processes, structure, and models to ensure seamless delivery. It is inevitable for them to leverage advanced digital capabilities to understand in real-time how human capital is engaged.

Digital transformation (DX) around distributed operations management has gathered significant pace and the change that typically happens in a decade has been compressed in just one year. In the past, a majority of the digital transformation was focused on transformational strategies focused on customer experience. However, post COVID-19, designing the new distributed operations model and how human capital will be connected, visible, engaged, and optimized has taken center stage.

This needs a technology backbone that can help companies work seamlessly in any hybrid model; this can vary from being 100% in the office to 100% remote and every possible combination within.

Any people-centric operations management platform should focus on the following areas:

*Equitable Load balancing: It is important that while working remotely, it doesn’t mean that there are pockets of teams that are underutilized and pockets that are overworked. Balancing workload appropriately and ensuring equitable distribution of work with visibility is a key focus area for enterprises as they think about a post-COVID-19 operations model. ProHance provides a real-time view of how teams are engaged and gives insights into the workload distribution across different teams and have customized alerts that can be sent to employees to check on their health, remind them to take a break if they are working for long-duration continuously, and help set goals and track team and individual performance.

* Increase Self Awareness on how professional time is spent: ProHance helps employees get an understanding of their work style and how they can improve. ProHance is like a fitness band that makes team members aware of where they are spending their time and if the work, they are doing is important for their end customers. It takes the discussion away from the time you are logged into the system to the time they spend on productive applications. With ProHance’s automated self-improvement dashboards in place, employees can quickly assess themselves daily, thus improving their work without any supervision. With ProHance employees understand the need to do production sprints in the work zone with minimal distractions. Employees feel empowered with data and can self-analyze their working patterns and benchmark it against peers.

* Data consistency from the front line to the top of the house: One of the biggest challenges in distributed work is that the leaders' perception of what team members are doing is very different from their own perception. With ProHance all levels in the organization view the same data that is collected automatically without any subjectivity. This fosters transparent decision-making and ensures correct data is being used to make organization decisions like when to backfill, how should pay for performance be designed, what should be the strategy for multi-skilling, and many more.

* Focus on efficiency and effectiveness: People-centricity not only needs an automated measurement on how time is tracked. It also requires the ability to ensure that key outputs that are important for businesses are tracked effectively. Having a work output scorecard for each employee is known to be a fantastic method of enhancing productivity. ProHance can easily measure each employee's productivity trends and can help with creating a day-to-day work strategy for better performance. Promoting data-driven decision-making and fosters healthy competition within the organization.

Having a robust measurement platform that provides insights across all levels of the enterprise will be critical for future success in a distributed workplace. ProHance can help organizations get this visibility and help them get future-ready for the new normal.

ProHance is an Omni-Channel operations management platform being leveraged by enterprises across their back office, chat, and email servicing operations. ProHance provides real-time visibility on how teams are engaged on the ground. This visibility allows enterprises to allocate resources more effectively, load balance across teams, and make smart decisions with agility. The visibility and actionable analytics provided by ProHance helps Enterprises make their operations more customer-centric, efficient, and lean. ProHance is leveraged by 170,000+ users in 120+ enterprises across 21 countries.

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Ankur is the CEO of ProHance which is a FutureIP Labs portfolio company. ProHance is an enterprise SaaS operations management platform that unlocks the value of human capital and digital investments for enterprises. ProHance is leveraged by 150,000+ users in 100+ enterprises across 21 countries. Prior to this role, Ankur has over 19 years of professional experience in companies like General Electric, Genpact, and American Express. Ankur is an alumni of IIT Delhi and the Manipal Institute of Technology.