How to Increase Employee Engagement

How to Increase Employee Engagement

Workplace productivity and employee engagement are indivisible. Statistics prove that employees passionate about their work are better performers and great resources to the organizations.  One of the researchers named Gallup did a worldwide study of ‘State of Global workforce’ and published alarming data which states that only 15% of the total global workforce is engaged, which deeply impacted business outcomes. If we talk alone about South Asia, only 14% of the workforce is engaged, rest 65% not engaged and rest 21% actively disengaged.






Gallup’s recommended effective approaches to maximizing human capital within organizations include:

  1. Use productivity measurement tools to track and enhance employee productivity and keep the employees engaged and motivated at all times.
  2. Identify the individual strength of employees and invest in their growth
  3. Use entrepreneurial talent to promote growth within the organization.


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Its globally accepted that using a productivity measurement tool is vital for good business outcomes. Improving productivity is also good to sustain the country’s economic momentum. God employee engagement and enhanced workforce productivity will automatically lead to better workplace culture. The tool that we recommend to get a holistic view of your operations is ProHance. It provides visibility in employees day to day work and helps with actionable analytics. This helps improve team efficiency and makes the operations more Lean, Agile and customer-centric. Unlock the full potential of your human capital and grow.

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