Firms enter your Personal Space, tracking your Work @Home

DNA Syndication – June 6th, 2014

Employees looking to work from home, beware. Now a software can help track exactly what you are doing when you are in the ‘work- from-home’ mode — whether you are attending to your guests or doing actual work.

With work-from-home concept getting more and more popular and productivity still an issue, organisations are coming up with ways to ‘keep a tab’.

“The organisations define the productive and non-productive applications. Then the software allows one to track various applications employees are using, without really getting into the nitty gritty of it, “says Sudhir Sarma, founder, managing director & chief executive officer, Future IP. The software called, ProHance, helps to enhance workforce productivity and is a product of JaMocha Tech, a FutureIP company.

India has approximately 3 million people directly engaged in software services spanning IT services, BPM (business process management), engineering, R&D, internet, mobility and software products as per Nasscom 2013 report. While companies make half their expenditure on employees, there is no way to measure their productivity. According to an IDC report, 30-40% of web surfing by an employee is not work related and an organization incurs a loss of almost 8 Lakhs due to cyber slacking by one employee Says Nachappa CS, operations manager, special projects, Dimension Data Asia Pacific, who has deployed this software in his office. Currently four teams in his company have opted for work from home. “Since most of their supervisors work from office, the tool has helped to track productivity. The software allows supervisors a consolidated view of the utilisation of all direct reportees. The tool has helped us to avoid micromanagement of employees.”

The product which has been deployed by most IT companies in the city is proving to be beneficial not only for employers but also for employees looking for flexibility. For instance, for Sunaina Gandhi who has a two-year-old son at ho-me, sitting in office for eight hours every day is difficult. Hence she opts for work from home most da-ys. “My supervisor has no issues with work from home since he can track my work on a daily basis. I do not have to justify or feel guilty about not working from office. It is a big relief,” saysGandhi.

According to Sarma the tool is useful especially in areas wherein productivity is not quantitative. “It is easy to track results in areas like sales and marketing. But not every vertical can be quantitative. Hence, this tool helps in tracking an employee’s productivity,” says Sarma.

A company spokesperson who did not wish to be named said he has deployed this software across all his offices in India. “Employees were stretching their work hours which translated into perceived professional life-personal life imbalance. We lacked insight into employee activities and usage of time. This tool helped in getting the right balance,” he said.

However, there are firms who are not too keen to use the product as they believe their “consulting team is mature to handle work from home”.