Client testimonial of ProHance by Tesco Business services

ProHance has helped in Tesco Business Services transformation roadmap. The real-time insights and information generated by this tool are leveraged by multiple teams to make meaningful business decisions. Today, it is acting as a highly effective source of information to drive change and transformation across various functions. Based on our experience and the quick benefits which we have delivered, it’s a highly recommended platform to adopt and practice.

Altaf Patel – Director, Business Transformation, Tesco Business Services


In today’s BPO/KPO world, where offering an optimum work-life balance to our employees is as important as maximizing their productivity; effective utilization of work hours is paramount for a win-win situation. ProHance is a simple, friendly-to-use tool, which has helped Episource move towards this direction.
ProHance has partnered Episource in fostering a work culture that encourages self-driven performance than being leader-driven. The ability to consistently relate time spent on tasks against its level of impact helps one to clearly plan and prioritize tasks and get the maximum done within regular work hours.

Prior to ProHance, employees were spending long hours but once ProHance was implemented, we are noticing that employees are now more conscious about time they spend on each task and weigh the impact-level of each task, thus enabling themselves to accomplish more without having to stretch beyond their regular hours.
Real-time tracking and reporting options, ability to set personal time off as needed, clear roster based attendance mapping and reporting, are some salient features that ProHance offers, which makes it a great tool to work with. Added to it, the post-implementation support that ProHance has provided to us has been an icing on the cake!

Angshuman Kundu, Vice President –  Operations

First advantage

We were looking at a tool to help us understand the opportunities in improving our associate productivity in terms of time spent by them on processing or taking calls. ProHance was immensely helpful in achieving that along with drill-downs, data dumps, and customizable graphs and home pages. The anecdotal conversation of productivity has been replaced with short, crisp data-driven outcome-based conversations leading to results.

I would also like to add that apart from the tool itself, the Jamocha tech team also was a great partner in our associate efficiency journey and adapted to our IT environment to make things work. We look forward to working with them as a long term partner.

Mahesh Gaur, Vice President – Strategic Client Consulting

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We started using ProHance and within a very short span of time, we were able to identify our problem areas to work on. ProHance is very useful in this with its graphical data representation, data dumps, an easy to UI and most importantly the customizable dashboards. It gives a real-time picture of activities and allows decision making fast. This helped us to improve productive output and wastage in terms of idle time was reduced to a great extent.

As the same data is viewed by various levels, self-motivation among team members boosted with a positive mindset and this further improved productivity. Increased productivity ultimately impacted customer satisfaction which further positively impacted the employee satisfaction.

Setup, usage, management and learning curve are the easiest things in ProHance and this allows one to concentrate on the core issues to tackle. ProHance support has also done a tremendous job which further helps us achieve an increase in productivity.

Anil Mookoni, Vice President (Global Head of Payments and Digital Solutions)

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It has been more than a year now we are using ProHance and I must say that it has been an efficient tool for us to check the productivity of employees, counting their break timings. The team is dedicated and they have provided us on-time solutions. The ProHance team has even helped us to customize the reports as per our requirements and that comes handy. If you are looking for software to monitor your team’s productivity then I will recommend you to go with ProHance.

Surajit Goswami, Head – Human Resource

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With ProHance, we have been able to improve our monitoring of employees’ performance and effectively use this monitoring mechanism to achieve an increasing trend in productivity numbers. The support, guidance, and training from ProHance’s sales and implementation teams throughout the engagement also deserve special acknowledgment. Customer service is of paramount importance to the ProHance team and they excel in it.

Siddharth Kapani, Assistant Vice President

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ProHance helped us to improve schedule adherence, productivity and real-time tracking of our performance. ProHance is easy to use tool and the Support team is very helpful.

Antoselvanathan A, International – WFM Manager


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ProHance helped our operations leaders identify revenue (productive hours) leakage and the associated tasks thereby incorporating stringent measures towards the betterment of the processes.

The application is very easy to install, use and interpret by the stakeholders. I would recommend ProHance to organizations looking for ways to knock down hurdles on their growth path.
JaMocha Tech has strong customer focus and dependable post-implementation support, they try to better their offering at every given opportunity.

Sriram Sridaran, Manager – Client Relations

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This is the best productivity-enhancing tool that I have ever come across. It has improved the utilization and productivity by 30% in the last 6 months. It is very easy to use and implement. Post-sales support at ProHance is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone looking for quality productivity-enhancing tool within a reasonable budget.

Dhanyaraj Shetty – WFM Manager

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We deployed Prohance to understand where our employees and contractors in the IT organization were spending their time. Prohance helped us identify opportunities to make our organization efficient and agile.

Pradeep Joshi, SVP – Franklin Templeton