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Impact of Idle time on work

Employees with idle time are not good for organization. According to new business study of Harvard Business School idle time can cost employers an estimated $100 billion in wages per year. Organizations are often concerned that their employees are too occupied to complete tasks in a very short span of time. Usually, it’s just the opposite;…

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Improving Operational Excellency got lot Easier

It’s not a small task, often top management is found making strategies and executing them to increase and generate revenue and be the fastest growing companies in the world. The most important thing in business is to keep growing with increasing revenue. A company can only survive with increasing revenues and keep attracting the investors.…

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65% of Global Workforce is not Engaged?

Employee Engagement and Productivity and Non Productivity Workplace productivity and employee engagement are indivisible. Statistics prove that employees passionate about their work are better performers and great resource to the organizations.  One of the researchers named Gallup, did a worldwide study of ‘State of Global workforce’ and published alarming data which states that only 15%…

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