Case Study: How ProHance helped Mindtree enhance their existing Lean Transformation program?

The IT industry around the world is witnessing a sea of changes. Upcoming technologies like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning etc. has made it imperative for IT companies to have a upskilled workforce. Failing to do so would lead to missing on tapping into the futuristic market.

Mindtree realized this at an early stage and implemented the Lean Transformation Program. However, there were some bottlenecks which didn’t allow them to realize the full potential of the program. ProHance helped them in identifying the bottlenecks and provide actionable insights. This is how it was achieved.

Key Challenges Faced by Mindtree

Mindtree delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution, enabling Global 2000 clients to outperform the competition. “Born digital,” Mindtree takes an agile, collaborative approach to create customized solutions across the digital value chain.

  • The project identified for the Lean program was an Application Maintenance Project for a leading personalized digital marketing service provider.
  • The project platform was transitioned to Mindtree and had been in steady state for the last 6 months.
  • As the next level of optimization, the customer expectation was to increase the output of the team through continuous improvement initiatives on a yearly basis, while continuing to upkeep the reliability of the applications and infrastructure.
  • In order to improve on productivity, inefficiencies in the system are to be identified, and the baselines of work patterns to be established

How Did ProHance approach the problem and deliver a Solution?

  • ProHance collected the performance data for the various activities.
  • The Lean team analyzed time spent on incidental activities such as email and meetings, and time spent on non-value added activities.
  • This brought forth inefficiencies within the team, and presented opportunities to reduce time spent on incidental and non-value added activities through better work allocation and trainings.
  • The user dashboard provided visibility to each team member on their daily activities, which they effectively used to curtail time spent on non-value added activities.
  • Application usage analysis indicated areas of improvement for e.g., based on the analysis on time spent by the team on emails, the Lean team suggested restructuring of mailboxes which minimized the time spent by a team member on emails and improved efficiency.

This is what the General Manager at MindTree had to say about the ProHance Implementation –

What was achieved with the Implementation of ProHance?

ProHance was an integral part of the Lean transformation drive for the Application Maintenance Project and provided data inputs that helped the Lean team enable:

  • Increase in utilization – Project utilization increased by 28% over 6 months through process streamlining and enhanced focus on value added activities
  • Using ProHance lean reporting capabilities the project efficiently managed work allocation and training opportunities, resulting in 24% increase in available effort.
  • Effective time management- through ProHance personalized dashboard


Prohance has been instrumental in making the organizational processes lean. This lead to higher productivity and enhanced work-life balance, driving overall growth at MindTree.

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