How to improve project management through activity monitoring

Boost Project Management: Real-time project tracking through activity monitoring

Boost Project Management

Organizations are challenged to meet promises made to their customers. Client projects fail to meet their objectives and the reasons could be many, but the common ones are related to what the team did not do on time or what the team did poorly.

The failure is more often a sequence of events that combine and cumulate to prevent the organization from meeting its commitments. Project planning is most often not the cause as there are excellent project planning tools that are being used. But poor project estimation and project execution are the key reasons for failures or delays.

If the project is spread across multiple locations and multiple teams, the complexity of execution, governance, and management become even more daunting.

How can this be addressed? The solution is to get visibility at the micro-task and milestone level on a real-time basis. This visibility can be the basis for better governance and faster corrective actions before complexity sets in. Understanding of effort at the task level will allow better estimation of future efforts and also help in appropriate skill development.

Technology has arrived to address this challenge and provide task level effort visibility across teams and locations. Tools like ProHance provide real-time visibility of projects against plans across teams and locations and even for remote telecommuters and thus resulting in better coordination between multiple projects spread throughout the organization.

Project governance differs across organizations and many ratios are used. Some common ratios provided by ProHance include onsite vs offshore ratio, resource level allocation ratio, certified vs non-certified resources and their efficiency, value-add time analysis (Lean Assessment), Scope of Improvement score, Right & Tight ratio, work effort vs. work output analysis, correlation of project task with tool usage and reference to project goals, Work Burn Down and Task Burn Down charts, etc. Such ratios enable real-time project governance and project management insights in ways that were not possible until now.

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