Work Transformation Training is an unique service offering that enables the team leaders and managers to achieve benefits such as:

  • Identify teams that need goal clarity
  • Identify teams that need competency development
  • Identify the use of right tools for the right job
  • Mentor team members on aligning efforts to project plan/ goals
  • Make team member deployment decision to maximize team productivity

JaMocha Tech offers onlineWork Transformation Training in two stages in the customer journey; First – before beginning of multi-group deployment and second, after the initial deployment.

The pre-deployment workshop will enable team leaders and managers to realize benefits such as:

  • Identify the purpose and goals of the ProHance deployment for productivity enhancement
  • Understand the influencers of team productivity in software development scenario
  • Identify the measures that indicate individual/ team/ function level productivity
  • Identify key messages to be communicated to team members before ProHance roll-out
  • Understand the types of productivity data being collected, aggregated and reported.
  • Understand how to make inferences from ‘Facts’ and initiate corrective actions
  • This post-deployment workshop will provide an opportunity for the stakeholders to examine the data gathered by ProHance application and derive insights. Stakeholders will be able to leverage these insights and design initiatives that enhance productivity across the organization.