ProHance integrates with external tools like MS Project, Outlook, PeopleSoft, Service Now etc. and correlates parameters like profiles, skills, training and outcomes to provide advanced analytics on employee engagement and work styles that help organizations to achieve more while retaining their best employees.

ProHance integrates with MS Outlook where user idle time on the system can be mapped to any meeting configured in Outlook, automatically or with user confirmation, based on defined rules.

Other tool specific integration adapters can be built on request.


ProHance reports on application usage and does not collect keystrokes, form input, or anything nefarious. The records persisted include the application process name, window title, start time of use, end time of use, and domain username (login id). ProHance does not record any data that is within an application window (content) such as text or form data except for the window title. ProHance does not record or store any keystroke data.

ProHance is corporate policy driven and Privacy is controlled through policy and role-based authentication and information access. ProHance integrates with Active Directory for user authentication and provides customizable labels for roles, groups, processes and categories.

ProHance is periodically tested and certified by an external security company for vulnerabilities and Trojans.

“Confirmatory Assessment was conducted to test malicious attack / hacking and to identify associated business risk(s) and their impact to ‘JaMocha Tech ProHance’ application” – September 2013

Frequently Asked Security Related Questions

What are the required applications/services that have to be installed to have ProHance running effectively?
Does the ProHance Manager have to be placed in our network? Does the Manager need to be exposed directly to the Internet to fetch the server updates?
What is the periodicity of probing the clients by ProHance Manager?
What is the expected network utilization when the ProHance Manager communicates with the probes?
Can the communication between ProHance Manager and Probes be over encrypted channel (https) rather than in http?


ProHance is a non-intrusive user activity tracking solution and has no impact on user’s work or his systems. ProHance is non-intrusive and does not intrude into the privacy of employees. ProHance does not collect any personal information such as passwords or keywords.

ProHance provides a ‘Personal Mode’ to enable employee privacy needs. While on this mode, no information about his/her activity on the desktop is recorded. Employees can also mask their private activities post the event on the Timesheet by setting them to “Personal’ and this can be done only by the employee and for his/her own data. When anything is marked as Personal there is no trace of that record maintained in the repositories (Strictly Private).

Frequently Asked HR/Legal Questions

Is monitoring employee activity not illegal?
Will use of ProHance infringe on the privacy rights of employees in an organization?
Do you have any legal opinion on the use of ProHance?
Does ProHance collect any personal information?


ProHance Manager is developed on the Java platform and hence is portable across Operating Systems – Windows and Linux. The ProHance agent is now available for Windows (8,7, Vista, XP), Linux and also Android for Mobiles. Support for Mac is underway.

Database support includes MySQL & MS SQL


ProHance Suite provides several reports and insights that enhance employee engagement and ensure work transformation. The following are some sample insights that you can derive from ProHance suite.

  • Time Analysis (Lean Assessment) – Value-add and non value-add analysis for individuals, teams within a project and across projects can help identify and eliminate waste and hence cost of a product, project or service. ProHance helps identify resource utilization wastage and over processing of resources
  • Work Effort Vs Work Output Analysis ProHance correlates value-add work against achieved work output providing an understanding of efficiency. This analysis helps identify and highlight opportunities for improvement through resource re-allocation, re-training etc.
  • Waiting Analysis– With integration to Project Management tools, ProHance Pro tracks pending tasks and delays and reveal any wastage due to waiting for material, information, people, equipment, procedures, approvals and more.
  • Unused Capacity & Creativity Analysis – This report helps to determine underutilized capacity as well as underutilized knowledge and skills.
  • Yield AnalysisProHance compares effective time against output to indicate yield per employee, improve the productivity of resources and hence the yield of service operations or projects.
  • Work-Life Balance AnalysisProHance reports on work life balance of individuals and highlights resources that are overworked or underutilized. This report allows HR Managers and Team Managers to re-assign resources and work to ensure work-life balance.
  • Project Resource AnalysisOnsite vs offshore ratio measures resources, man-hours and work efficiency of offshore vs onsite resources on any project. Project resource analysis also measures allocation of resource levels at all stages of a project. This analysis also reports on certified vs non-certified resources and their efficiency.
  • Scope of Improvement ScoreProHance calculates the time efficiency scores of users and computes Scope of Improvement Score between top and bottom performers within a team.
  • Work Burn Down Chart shows work left to do v/s time. Also, the comparison of actual remaining work is also shown with respect to the actual work. If the actual remaining workline is higher than planned actual work then it means that more work is remaining and that the project is behind schedule.
  • Task Burn Down Chart provides information on whether the number of tasks remaining in the Agile Cycle is more or less than planned.


ProHance has been built as a SaaS platform for the cloud as well as for in-house hosted environments. Remote install, audit, alerts and support capabilities have been implemented for ease of support and to ensure highest levels of uptime. High levels of records are maintained for code level and environment level execution errors, accessible only for support staff. ProHance has been field proven for very high scalability and supportability.


ProHance is a patent pending technology with automated, continuous and objective Work Transformation Methodology for IT/ITES Industry through analysis of time spent on Value-Add versus Non-Value-Add work in comparison with Work Outcomes.

Our patent is around Work Transformation Methodology. Work Transformation Methodology is an approach to organizational improvement focused on continuously “eliminating waste” and improving value-add time of employees so that that teams become high performing over a period of time. The patent pending model is based on the concept of Lean Assessment, Capacity Analysis and Control to achieve Work Transformation within an IT /ITES organization.