bestProHance is ideal for measuring employee engagement and productivity in IT/ITES industry across BPO’s, KPO’s, Software Development & Testing, Shared Services, RIMS, Outsourcing Entities, Architects, Engineering Companies, Advertising Companies, and IT & Process Consultancies.

ProHance tracks time efficiency and time effectiveness with key statistics and trend analysis. ProHance is a unique concept that works on Lean Assessment, Capacity Analysis and Operational Control and acts as a self-mentor for users without intrusion of their privacy.

Digital distractions at work result in up to one-third loss of productive online time and also result in security vulnerabilities and compliance issues. Employees tend to spend significant time in unproductive work without realizing it. Organizations may also be subjecting employees to work-styles that do not create an optimal work-culture and satisfactory work-life balance.

Traditional organizational productivity measurement could be inexact as well as subjective, and therefore prone to misrepresentation. Tracking and reporting individual productivity more accurately and objectively and using these measurements to implement efficiency enhancement is becoming critical for all organizations.

Measurement of time at the desktop/laptop and its analysis leads to significant cost savings through better allocation of human capital in people centric organizations. While most organizations have a general idea about employee output, tracking employee time spent on official work is a great productivity enhancer. This data can enable organizations identify performance issues or the need for training while gaining deeper insight into activity and productivity.

ProHance is a unique concept that leverages Lean Assessment, Capacity Analysis and Operational Control. It acts as a self-mentor for users and therefore eliminates any explicit intrusion of their privacy. ProHance also provides desktop analytics to help managers gain instant visibility across their workforce with factual and authentic data.

ProHance helps you detect early signs of attrition like decrease in work efforts and work outputs, extensive digital distractions, increased rates of employee absenteeism etc. It also visually represents work-life balance of employees to help address attrition traits early

ProHance is ideal and effective in several workforce scenarios across IT Services, BPO, KPO, Application Development & Maintenance and IT Outsourcing.


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ProHance is a completely automated solution that tracks user work time with no manual entry. It provides insight into active time spent on workstation including break-up by time spent on value-add, non-value add, personal work as well as time spent away from the workstation.

The user remains on the job while work data is collected, non-intrusively and non disruptively. This comprehensive view of work time allows organizations to reduce work time wastage and enhance work efficiency.


ProHance monitors and captures time spent on all applications and time spent away from the system with key statistics and trend analysis. ProHance improves employee productivity by improving time efficiency and time effectiveness.

Personal Productivity Mentor structures your effort against goals and continuously provides baseline for comparison. ProHance enhances work-life balance through better work organization, process optimization and team training. Companies can now improve team efficiencies by up to 30% and improve revenue and profitability with better utilization of workforce and improved productivity.


A unique and patent pending concept, Personal Productivity Mentor™ enables workforce with individual specific guidance to achieve their goals and consistently perform above the baseline.

Personal Productivity Mentor will help individuals to see on a daily basis how productive he or she is with respect to the rest of the team.

ProHance provides rich analytics on user performance, efficiency trends and percentile productivity scores helping employees improve their productivity. Personal Productivity Mentor helps increase employee satisfaction and retention with better work-life balance and goal reward focused management.

Personal Productivity Mentor brings about awareness to employees on how they spend their time and how they compare with their group baseline. It also guides employees towards achieving their daily goals.

Personal Productivity Mentor is a unique offering and this functionality is not available in any competing products, currently.


Outsourcing helps to reduce capital expenditure over a business process. Outsourcing reduces the dependency on internal resources and increases flexibility to meet changing business and commercial scenarios. But outsourcing raises inherent issues that include lack of transparency, service quality and process adherence, loss of control and cost optimization.

ProHance enables remote visibility on people and process productivity in outsourced entities and hence improves transparency and control.

ProHance helps outsourcing entities to get visibility on Work style and ethics and Workloads. This is turn helps companies control time and costs process quality and compliance and SLAs.


Organizations are adopting flexible work models as “need to do initiatives” to ensure happier employees. The key reasons to adopt telecommuting is to reduce time wasted on travel to office and thus provide better work-life balance. However measuring and tracking productivity of telecommuters is a big problem. Also, today’s organizations are global and employees frequently need to work outside normal work hours to meet business needs.

ProHance eliminates the ills of implementing and managing flexible working programs for remote workers, providing control and transparency for managers without loss of privacy for the employees.

ProHance enables teleworking and flexi-working without loss of control and without the need to supervise. ProHance automatically captures activities performed by an individual working away from office during work and non-work hours with complete transparency of their work time and effort. Managers can now enable teleworking, promote work flexibility without compromising on productivity. Managers can track their teleworkers in real time and monitor all work-related activities.

ProHance is a terrific product that helps companies optimize its workforce. The problem with IT enabled business is the lack of knowledge of the actual work habits of desktop bound workforce. ProHance brings about visibility into these work habits thereby helping achieve higher productivity and better resource allocation. The software helped us realize the true productivity or our internal team and it helped us guide them to become more efficient.”
Ravi Venkatesam, CEO OnTrac

ProHance, as an efficiency measurement tool really lives up to its reputation. The tool is an integral part of our business plans in 2013 and we can already see the results coming our way, the team involved has also been very proactive and helpful and has partnered very effectively with us to ensure a smooth deployment and extended support. A thumbs up to the tool and to its entire team.”
Pankaj Mathur, Vice President Functional Hub