bestProHance Plus is suitable for IT/ITES companies like BPO, KPO, LPO and shared services (tech support, application support). ProHance Plus is a unique offering and this functionality is not available in any competing products, currently.

Measuring time efficiency alone is not sufficient. This does not provide decision analytics to address productivity. There is a need to compare time efficiency and outcomes to really understand productivity, process efficiencies and resource efficiency.

ProHance Plus, an add-on module to ProHance, addresses this gap. Time efficiency measured from ProHance is used in correlation with work productivity. Employees who spend more time on the system but have low productivity can be identified and skills improvement training can be scheduled. Process inefficiencies can be identified and rectified to improve productivity. Best practices can be captured from employees with high productivity and these can then be institutionalized.

ProHance Plus measures time and effort and correlates the same with outcomes like transactions or specific tickets through integration. This provides visibility on the actual time and effort for each task and each transaction.

Integration with the workflow management tools allows the operations team leads/supervisors to track the input (time parameters) against the specific outputs (deliverables). The deliverables in ProHance Plus are defined as work output metrics and these get imported from 3rd party solutions through built-in adapters.

Work Output Analysis

ProHance Plus identifies user workload and helps you study individual work style patterns and the work output. Now you can correlate time & results, compare teams and individuals within teams for systematic improvements. Organizations can identify best practices of their most productive employees for replication and identify the training needs for others.


Plus Analysis


Plus Output