Using a Productivity Tool as a Telecommuting Enabler

Organizations are looking to adopt a flexible work arrangement model as a “need to have” initiative to ensure happier employees and promote work-life balance.  However, measuring and tracking productivity of telecommuters is a challenge.

The typical issues faced are:

  • Lack of transparency in working hours
  • Lack of control for managers
  • Time efficiency

The key reason for adopting telecommuting is to reduce the time spent on travel to office and hence provide better work-life balance. To ensure telecommuting pays off, it is important to achieve transparency, control and time efficency.

ProHance allows organizations to adopt a flexible work arrangement model without having to compromise on work or productivity. ProHance is the ideal measurement tool that provides complete transparency of a telecommuter’s activity on the desktop/laptop.

ProHance captures the total logged hours with a detailed breakdown of active hours, productive hours and idle time.  This data transparency enables managers to provide a flexible work environment to their employees while keeping track of time spent on work-related activities and individual productivity.

Today, organizations are global and as a result, employees also need to work outside of normal work hours to meet the business needs.

ProHance automatically captures activities performed by an individual during work and non-work hours with complete transparency of their work time and effort.  Managers are also completely aware of the work done by the employees even while the employees are away from office.

In conclusion, ProHance is the ideal tool that enables a mobile workforce without infringing on employee rights or compromising on work and productivity.

Adopt Prohance today and provide a better work-life environment to your employees!

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